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FIM International Conference on Streaming 2019

Date: 2-3 December, 2019

Time: Monday, 2nd Dec – 8.30am to 5.30 pm, Tuesday, 3rd Dec – 9.30 am to 5.30 pm

Venue: IMC conference centre (Indian Merchants’ Chamber aka Chamber of Commerce and Industry). IMC Marg, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400020
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Who should attend: Musicians, lyricists, composers, singers, dancers.

Registration fee: Free (but registration mandatory)


    Monday, 2 Dec.
    08.30 Registration
    09.30−09.45 I. Musical introduction
    09.45−10.30 II. Official opening
    10.30−10.40 III. An introduction to the Indian music scene
    Ratish Tagde (President, MFI – India)
    10.40−11.00 IV. Keynote
    Pál Tomori (Director, EJI – Hungary)
    11.00−11.30 Coffee break
    11.30−13.00 V. The rights of performers in India and neighbouring countries
    Nutt Dechapanya (University of Rajabhat – Thailand), Shri G.R. Raghavender (Joint Secretary, Department of Justice – India), Saveena Sachar (Lawyer, Lawhive Associates – India)

    ModeratorBeat Santschi (Vice President, FIM | President, SMV – Switzerland)
    13:00 – 14:00 Lunch break
    14.00−15.15 VI. The streaming market in Asia
    Michiko Aotani (General Secretary, MUJ – Japan), Blaise Fernandez (CEO, IMI – India), Siddharta Roy (CEO, Hungama – India), Dr Wimonrekha Sirichairawan (University of Phayao – Thailand), a Spotify representative (tbc)

    ModeratorJohn Smith (President, FIM – UK)
    15.15−15.30 VII. Keynote
    Ray Hair (Vice President, FIM | President, AFM – USA)
    15.30−16.00 Coffee break
    16.00−17.30 VIII. Curated playlists: are remuneration models adequate?
    Xavier Blanc (AEPO-ARTIS), Aleksandar Cvetkovic (Director, PI – Serbia), Sonia Parasnis (Head of Content, Hungama – India), Lauri Rechardt (Chief Legal Officer, IFPI)

    ModeratorHorace Trubridge (General Secretary, BMU – UK)
    Tuesday, 3 Dec.
    09.30−09.45 IX. Musical introduction
    09.45−11.00 X. Distribution models and diversity: pro-rata vs user-centric
    Ashish Behl (Vice President, Content Acquisition, Hungama – India), Mandar Thakur (Times Music – India), Horace Trubridge (General Secretary, BMU – UK), Ahti Vänttinen (President, SML – Finland)

    ModeratorAnders Laursen (Vice President, FIM | President, DMF – Denmark)
    11.00−11.30 Coffee break
    11.30−11.45 XI. Keynote
    Peter Leathem (CEO, PPL – UK)
    11.45−13.00 XII. The WPPT, 20 years after its adoption
    Geidy Lung (Senior Counsellor, Copyright law division, WIPO), Lauri Rechardt (Chief Legal Officer, IFPI), Pál Tomori (Director, EJI – Hungary), Sanjay Tandon (CEO, Singers Association – India)

    ModeratorBenoît Machuel (General Secretary, FIM – France)
    13:00 – 14:00 Lunch break
    14.00−15.15 XIII. Featured and non-featured performers: different needs?
    Amit Behl (Sr Joint Secretary, CINTAA – India), Soumini Paul (CEO, Artist Aloud – India), Alan Willaert (Vice President, AFM – Canada)

    ModeratorThomas Dayan (Deputy Gen. Secretary, FIM – France)
    15.15−15.30 XIV. Keynote
    Atul Churamani (Managing Director, Turnkey music & publishing – India)
    15.30−16.00 Coffee break
    16.00−17.15 XV. Audio /AV streaming: where do we go from here?
    Xavier Blanc (AEPO-ARTIS), Ankit Pandey (Business development, Muvi – India), Sushant Singh (General Secretary, CINTAA – India), Ratish Tagde (President, MFI – India)

    ModeratorRay Hair (Vice President, FIM | President, AFM – USA)
    17.15−17.30 XVI. Musical performance

    *Agenda and speakers are subject to change

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