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Sangeet versus Music

Music is a food of soul. We often see people listening to music while walking, travelling, in special occasion and mostly when we feel happy

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‘माधुरी जी आप बॉलीवुड डांस सिखाइए, कथक नहीं’

‘माधुरीजी आप बॉलीवुड डांस सिखाइए, कथक नहीं’ सिने जगत् की जानीमानी अदाकारा माधुरी दीक्षित को यह दो टूक राय दी है कथक नृत्यांगना एवं गुरु

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Predatory Musician Gurus

The recent brouhaha at the Dhrupad Sansthan in Bhopal where two Gurus have been named as molesting and harassing the resident students there has brought

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Punarnava – the way forward…

Much has been said about the attack of the pandemic, lockdown fatigue, financial and health anxiety, tension…. stress…… do yoga…….. meditation……… tea with ginger…….. breathe……..

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