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10 Must-Attend Classical Music Festivals in India

Swathi Sangeethotsavam

India, with its diverse cultural tapestry, is a treasure trove of classical music festivals that attract enthusiasts from across the globe. These festivals serve as platforms to celebrate the timeless beauty of Indian classical music. If you’re a connoisseur seeking to immerse yourself in this rich heritage, here are the top 10 classical music festivals in India, along with the months when they take place.

1. Saptak Annual Music Festival (Ahmedabad, January): Renowned for Hindustani classical music, Saptak mesmerizes audiences with vocal, instrumental, and percussion recitals by eminent artists.

2. Dover Lane Music Conference (Kolkata, January): The Dover Lane Music Conference in January showcases exceptional vocal and instrumental performances from maestros representing various gharanas.

3. Harivallabh Sangeet Sammelan (Jalandhar, December): The prestigious Harivallabh Sangeet Sammelan, held in December, presents the finest Hindustani classical vocal and instrumental music.

4. Chennai Music Season (Chennai, December-January): A month-long extravaganza spanning December and January, the Chennai Music Season features mesmerizing Carnatic vocal and instrumental concerts.

5. Tansen Sangeet Samaroh (Gwalior, December): Gwalior’s Tansen Sangeet Samaroh pays homage to the legendary Tansen, offering exceptional Hindustani classical music performances.

6. Gunidas Sangeet Sammelan (Mumbai, October): Gunidas Sangeet Sammelan in October is a renowned festival that brings together leading musicians, offering a diverse range of classical music forms.

7. Swathi Sangeethotsavam (Thiruvananthapuram, January): The Swathi Sangeethotsavam in January celebrates the compositions of Swathi Thirunal, featuring captivating classical vocal and instrumental performances.

8. Tansen Music Festival (Gwalior, November-December): The Tansen Music Festival, held between November and December, showcases maestros and emerging artists in the realm of Hindustani classical music.

9. Pune Music Festival (Pune, September): The Pune Music Festival in September is an esteemed gathering of classical music aficionados, featuring stellar performances by maestros.

10. Bengaluru International Arts Festival (Bengaluru, December): The Bengaluru International Arts Festival encompasses various art forms, including mesmerizing classical music performances, during the month of December.

Attending these top 10 classical music festivals in India allows you to witness the brilliance of Indian classical music in its purest form. With their exceptional lineups and captivating performances by maestros, these festivals offer an immersive experience for music enthusiasts. Mark your calendars and indulge in soul-stirring melodies and rhythmic symphonies at these prestigious classical music festivals across India.

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