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Interesting And Unique Dance Productions

Breath and Rahiman

Two unusual and unique dance productions “Breath” and “Rahiman” were presented at the Prabodhankar Thackeray auditorium last week by talented young dancers Deepali Salil, Sayani Chakraborty and Tanvi Palal and her team of Kathak dancers. While Breath explored the significance of breathing with relation to life and well being, “Rahiman” portrayed the multi faceted Rahiman, who formed the ensemble of the Anmol Ratna of the emperor Akbar. It was interesting to observe how the themes were depicted with the usage of innovative and creative movements, music, expressions,acting, lighting and stagecraft.

Breath is conceptualized by Deepali Salil and is choreographed by her and Sayani Chakraborty, Breath was originally a dance dance film which was released three years ago and it was featured at various platform in india and abroad like Erasing Borders USA, Pragati International Festival, Chicago Film Festival and so on. With distinct and powerful movements by Deepali and Sayani exploring the significance of both inhalation and exhalation and the merging with the cosmic dance of Lord Shiva, forms the highlight of this presentation. With little editing pertaining to certain repetitive movements, the performance would be more effective and attractive. Both Deepali and Sayani are the disciples of guru Rama Vaidyanathan.

Music composition credits goes to vocals and synthesizers by Sreerang, on nattuvangam Himanshu Srivatsava, mridangam by Sannidhi Vaidynathan, music composed by Sreerang with rhythmic inputs by Himanshu Srivatsava and Ashwin Subramaniam, Scholarly inputs by Hinanshu Srivatsava and poems on breath penned by Reshika Shivakumar THe concluding part of Shvasham was choreographed by Guru Rama Vaidyanathan and the music for the same was composed by S Vasudevan and verses are from Thirumal’s tirumandiram.

Rahiman succeeded in projecting the interesting facets of the saint poet Rahim though different compositions and scenes, performed effectively by Tanvi Palav and her talented team of dancers, namely Shweta Padwal, Mrudula Songire, Shraddha Sirmokadam and Yashita Shetty. Poetry by Gajanan Mitke, music by Balachandra Prabhu, lights by Amogh Phadke, bhajan composed by Somnath Mishra, lullaby sung by Gauri Bodhankar. Tanvi Palav and other dancers are the disciple of Guru Lata Bakalkar.

While Rahim was known for his concern for people and their well being and was a philanthropist too, the climax of the presentation is when saint Tulsidas questions Rahim and asks “As to why he looks down while serving people, he promptly replied, I am not serving, it is God who is serving, am only a mediator, hence do not have the right to look directly at the people I serve” Rahiman dance drama has quality of entertainment that teaches and educates people towards the finer aspects of life and living, hence it is entertainment with a purpose.

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