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A Dozen Disciples of Suchitra Harmalkar Shine with B-Grade Award from Doordarshan

kartik kala academy

In an unprecedented feat, all twelve disciples of Kathak Guru Dr. Suchitra Harmalkar from Kartik Kala Academy, Indore, have successfully achieved B-Grade Artist gradation from Doordarshan Kendra. This historic accomplishment is remarkable, as these artists hail from a region geographically distant from the main centres of Kathak art.

Doordarshan’s gradation system is a prestigious evaluation that categorizes artists into different grades based on their skill level and contribution to the art form. The B-Grade achievement symbolizes a high level of competence and opens doors for wider recognition within the classical dance community.

Dr. Suchitra Harmalkar, a renowned Kathak performer and Guru of Raigad gharana, is the driving force behind Kartik Kala Academy in Indore. With years of dedication to the art, her tutelage has nurtured countless talents in the classical dance sphere, transcending geographical barriers. Her recent success with students achieving B-Grade gradation is a testament to her prowess.

suchitra harmalkar, kathakDr. Suchitra Harmalkar expressed her joy, saying, “I had read somewhere that a good teacher is someone who makes sure that all her students get equal opportunity to succeed in their respective fields. Today, I feel elated that all my students were able to do justice to this amazing opportunity and succeed with flying colours.”

Dr. Yogita Gadikar, one of the successful disciples, shared, “It is with the blessings of our guru Dr. Suchitra Harmalkar and her guidance throughout helped us to easily navigate through this process. Her teachings of all these years has made this success possible for all of us. We are very happy to be associated with Kartik Kala Academy.”

The twelve shining students are Dr. Yogita Gadikar, Mrs. Preeti Rajguru, Mrs. Shambhavi Tiwari, Ms. Nivedita Pandya, Ms. Aparna Sanap, Ms. Falguni Joshi, Ms. Unnati Jain, Ms. Sakshi Solanki, Ms. Rekha Malviya, Ms. Prachi Ghare, Ms. Shweta Kushwaha and Ms. Yashvini Bhavsar

Originating from Indore, which doesn’t hold the status of a metropolitan hub for Kathak, this success underscores the universality of classical art forms. It serves as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring artists from smaller cities, proving that talent and exceptional mentorship can transcend geographical barriers.

ClassicalClaps celebrates this unparalleled milestone and extends heartfelt congratulations to Guru Dr. Suchitra Harmalkar and her dedicated disciples. This triumph is not just a personal victory for the Kartik Kala Academy but a glorious testament to the enduring spirit of Indian classical dance.

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