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A Master Class on Sitar Practice by Pink Lotus Academia

In order to promote the healing touch of music, The Pink Lotus Academia, a platform focused on Indian classical art forms and yoga, offers extensive courses/masterclasses related to the arts. They are offering monthly masterclasses to the students of Sitar.

In the past year, most of us have taken to learning music and looking for authentic channels to garner certain basic nuances. This one is for Sitar students. Whether you are an online student or offline one, this is useful to you, as the master class focuses on “how to practice, what to practice and how much to practice”.

“Students are often not taught to focus on certain basics of learning the sitar. The aim of this master class is to strengthen their base. Once you know the fundamentals, your learning in the later stages becomes easier and faster,” says Soumitra Thakur, Sitar Faculty at the Pink Lotus Academia.

The master class will provide the students with important material in the form of videos and one-on-one interaction with the faculty. The comprehensive classes prepare you for easy learning of new ragas.

Apart from that, the master class will also train you in maintaining your precious instrument, the proper way to hold it and about posture, and also how to change the strings, or tune them, etc.

“Different seasons have a different impact on the sitar instrument, so the student needs to understand this and maintain it accordingly. The class will cover this aspect as well,” says Soumitra.

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