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Nrutyankoor Dance Festival from 24th Dec. in Bhavnagar

On behalf of Nrutya Aradhana Research Centre, veteran dance critic Satish Mehta has organised Nrutyankoor Festival of Classical Dances at Yashwant Natyagruha in Bhavnagar, Gujarat from Monday 24th December to 26th December at 9 pm daily. The festival has caught the attention of classical dancers across the country. Nine classical dancers will perform along with their group for three consecutive days, a rare festival of this kind in Bhavnagar.

Mehta is in his mid-seventies but quite active for classical dance is concerned and has contributed immensely towards the professional growth of professional classical dancers. His journalistic career spans more than fifty years and has been a regular contributor for popular publications like Gujarati Janmabhumi and Pravas. He writes in Hindi as well and has visited several countries and regularly attends major festivals.

Dr Nipa Thakkar with her students who will also perform in Nrutyankoor

The festival commences with the Kathak performance by Vijaya Sharma and her group from Bhopal, followed with Bharatanatyam by Jignesh Surani from Rajkot. The last performer of the first day of the festival is Deepika Reddy from Hyderabad who will perform Kuchipudi.

The second day of the festival starts with Odissi by dancers from Bhubaneshwar Kala Kendra, followed with Swati Bhalerao from Nagpur performing Kathak. The evening performance ends with Debanjana Roy from Kolkatta performing Manipuri.

The last and final day of the festival will feature Lohitakshan from Kasaragod performing Mohiniattam. Aparajita Dauka will be the only dancer to perform Sattriya dance from Guwahati. The three days festival concludes with Kushboo Panchal performing Kathak from Ujjain.

The local residents of Bhavnagar are quite excited about this festival as it is one of its kind and for the first time, Bhavnagar will be reverberating with classical music and rhythmic dances.

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