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Ananya’s vivacious performance

Natyalahiri, Bangalore, presented the Bharatanatyam debut performance by Ananya Ravikumar on 4th January at Dhwani auditorium, Kundalahalli in Bangalore. The performance was noteworthy for its vivacious quality, technical perfection and natural command over expressional dancing.

Natyalahiri Dance Academy is headed by accomplished Bharatanatyam exponent and mentor Mamatha Karanth. Mamatha is the disciple of veteran mentors like Vidwan Chandrasekhara Navada and Karnataka Kalashree Guru B. Banumathi. Mamatha is privileged to have performed in some of the most prestigious festivals both in India and abroad too.

Recipient of several awards and honours for her devotion and commitment to Bharatanatyam as a performer, teacher and choreographer too. in 2019. the Enviro Creators Foundation, Gujarat, recognised Mamatha for her efforts in spreading social awareness around the globe on saving the environment through the divine art form of Bharata Natyam with her thematic dance presentation: Karnamaham. This award was presented to her by the Minister of Forest and Tribal Development, Gujarat,

Ananya Ravikumar has been the disciple of Guru Mamatha Karanth for more than a decade and she has also learnt Carnatic vocal from Savitha Kartik of Parampara Creative Arts Foundation and Mohiniattam from Vineeta Suresh of Mayura Dance Academy. Tall and slim, blessed with large expressive eyes,  Ananya danced with confidence and effortless ease, creating a fine impression on the audience.

After the invocatory Pushpanjali and Shiva Stuti, composed by Madurai Muralidharan, the cosmic dance of Lord Shiva and the lord of creation, preservation and destruction, was portrayed with varied ‘karanas’ and ‘akash charis’, winning the appreciation from the select audience, as Ananya danced to perfect rhythm with the execution of vibrant and distinct movements.

Unlike the usual traditional margam seen in any Bharatanatyam performance, it was a pleasant surprise when Ananya performed the popular lullaby by poet Irayimman Thampi in Malayalam “Omana Thingal Kidavo, Nalla Komala Tamara Poo vo” in which the little infant is compared to the lotus flower and is considered the best gift from the Lord, this number incorporating the “Vatsalya Bhava” was performed with natural expressions and movements establishing the unique bonding of mother and child.

The piece-de-resistance of the evening was the Nava Rasa Varnam in Navaragamalika, a beautiful composition by Lalgudi Jayaraman that interpreted the nine types of emotions like, Veera, Raudra, Adbhuta, Bhayanaka, Hasya etc, while glorifying lord Shiva and varied episodes from Shiva Purana was dramatically performed. Chaliye Kunjan Mo, another composition by Swati TIrunal interpreted the inter-relationship between Radha and Krishna, as Radha pleads him to meet in the garden. After the intricate Thillana, danced to perfection, Ananya concluded her successful performance with homage to Lord Ayyapa – Swamiye Sharanam.

The special guests of the programme included Padmashri Geeta Chandran, vocalist Savitha Kartik and myself. Ananya received fine orchestral support from Mamatha Karanth for nattuvangam, commendable vocal by Srivatsa, mridangam by Narayana Swamy, flute by Jayaraman and Sitar by Sumarani. Manjira, Morsing and Rhythm pad by Prasanna Kumar. A talented dancer indeed.

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