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Ashitih Utsav – A 1000 dancing Moons

Puru Dadheech

The 80th Birthday is a huge milestone not just in an individual’s life but also for everyone who are a part of that life. On July 17 2019, Dr Puru Dadheech turns 80, in a unique celebration in Indore that combines his work both in ‘Shastra’ and ‘Prayoga’ of Kathak.

July 17, 10.30am to 2 pm: Seminar and the 80th Birthday celebrations of Guru Dr Puru Dadheech: 

The National Seminar is on the topic ‘Contributions of Dr Puru Dadheech in the field of Dance, Literature and Shastras.’ The chairperson for this seminar is Shovana Narayan and eminent speakers are Dr Purnima Pandey, Manjari Sinha, Dr Sandhya Purecha, Pt. Vijayshankar Mishra, Bishan Kumar, Riddhi Mishra, Sunil Sunkara. The Guests of Honour for the day are Nalini and Kamlini Asthana, Delhi. Dr Purnima Pandey, Chairwoman, UP SNA, will speak on Dr Dadheech’s contributions in bringing Kathak into institutionalized module while SNA awardee Dr Sandhya Purecha will shed light on his efforts in distilling Natyashastra into Kathak. Ace Critic and speaker Manjiri Sinha will comment on the Kathak Education system and Dr Dadheech’s contributions to it. On the other hand, Pt Vijay Shankar Mishra and Bishan Kumar, both long-time companions to Dr Dadheech will speak on his artistic journey as well well as his role as a mentor to many. Riddhi Mishra, a senior disciple of Dr Dadheech will speak on his pedagogical techniques and classroom training. Sunil Sunkara, in the representation of the younger generation, will speak on the importance of documentation through books.

July 17, 6 pm: Dance performances

Dance performances by some of his senior students on his compositions. This will be followed by a launch of Audio CD which has 25 tracks for Kathak performance, on compositions written by Dr Puru Dadheech himself. This will be released by Nalini and Kamlini. Gundecha brothers present some dhrupad compositions written by Dr Puru Dadheech. The function will conclude with a Kathak recital by Dr Puru Dadheech.
Senior students from all over the country will also perform on this ocassion.

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  1. Hi
    Congratulations for this wonderful gesture for a Guru!
    kindly let me know how do we get the passes for this event.


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