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Dance away your gloom at Nritya Varsha

While most of us have been confined indoors, following COVID-19 lockdown, there are a few, who are experimenting with a variety of ideas to breathe some fresh air in this gloomy mood.

Monsoon is the most sought after season for artistes as it unleashes their creativity, paving way for amazing experiences.

The recent showers have turned the harsh, hot scenario of summer into a pleasant one.

Dr Tina Deole Tambe, Kathak exponent and Artistic Director of Ninad CPA,  got inspired by the picturesque settings of Powai lake thrown open through her livingroom’s window during one such evening last week, that witnessed early showers of rains.

With a cool breeze blowing, she had been engrossed listening to mesmerising Umad Ghumad Ghan Barse bandish in Raag Megh recited by Shri Sanjeev Abhyankar. It was this very classic moment when Dr Tina conceptualised Nritya Varsha, a celebration to experience the beauty of Monsoon.

Nritya Varsha

Dr Tina’s venture, Ninad Center for Performing Arts, Mumbai has organised Nritya Varsha in association with ClassicalClaps e-zine. being the leading e-zine of classical dance & music with large number of subscribers and followers and Ninad Center for Performing Arts being one of the premium Kathak institutes of Mumbai, having a large number of followers, well-wishers and the regular audience will offer an excellent, huge platform and high visibility to the participants of Nritya Varsha amongst the widespread audience.

Those willing to participate in Nirtya Varsha, can shoot their Kathak performances on different compositions based on Monsoon Ragas like Megh, Megh Malhar etc. and send it to Ninad. The performances should be specially shot for participating in this festival. (Read more info at the end of this article)

Nritya Varsha has been designed to welcome monsoon, which offers nature a reformed look, bringing a mesmerising divine demeanour thus stimulating creativity in an artist.

Dr. Tina Tambe

Dr Tina had also been thoughtful about artists who have been away for a while from shows and performances. “Nritya Varsha will encourage artists to search for new bandish/compositions, listen to it multiple times, choreograph it and then make a video presentation, which will keep them engaged in a serious, focused creative and positive activity in these testing times,” said Dr Tina during the interview.

Dr Tina expresses confidence in the event, which she feels, will help the participants to engross in an activity they love and will inspire them to give unique performances. “It can spread positivity, uplift mood, help focus their energies in activities they passionately love,” said Dr Tina, adding further, “Participants may research, listen to good, relevant music, explore new ideas, learn from gurus and at the end give birth to an original and inspiring piece of art.”

“The entire exercise is likely to enrich and enhance the Kathak repertoire, as artists have been instructed to explore compositions like kajari, jhula geet, dadra, dhrupad, chota khayal, tarana, fusion and instrumental music, etc for their choreography. These are integral aspects of Kathak performing, but are being less performed in comparison to thumri and bhajan,” Dr Tina pointed out.

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Nitrya Varsha will be a treat to the music and dance lovers, as they will have an exciting experience of enjoying monsoon melodies while watching stunning performances.

Dr Tina who wanted to provide the participants with a bigger platform with a wider audience, is happy with the response the event has received, as over 50 dancers from all over India are expected to be participating in it.

Dr Tina explained, “Artists have been feeling suffocated and stuck, they needed to boost their creative urge and work upon good themes. They aspired for an outlet for expressing their talent, offering bigger, wider and genuine audiences, who would appreciate and acknowledge their work. As the participants felt that our innovative event offers all of these, it struck a creative chord with the artists and the response has been overwhelming.”

Tina’s motive is to ensure that the event reaches a maximum number of people so participants are largely benefitted.

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Dr Tina is of the opinion that the practice to pay each artist for their work must be encouraged. “We are offering a humble cash prize to the five best entries to inspire them to give their best. Though artists are not participating solely for a cash prize, the whole intention is to make people aware that an artist whether young or old, senior or junior, big or small deserves to be honoured monetarily for his/her efforts for any performance, whether it is in actual or at a virtual online event, everyone must think about paying the artist whatever minimum they can manage to.”

Explaining her experiences about previous event organised by her institute, she said, “Ninad Concert Series which showcased 22 dance concerts in past has always awarded a decent honorarium to all the performing artists.”

Dr Tina strongly opposed the idea of encouraging artists to pay and perform or perform for free at concerts, whether actual or virtual, in the name of “providing a platform to artists”.

“It’s high time we perceive and respect artist’s diligent, consistent efforts and training, talent, devotion, dedication, patience, perseverance, monetary investments and struggles at various fronts, everything must be rewarded, both in terms of respect and money.”

Nritya Varsha

To welcome monsoon and spread enthusiasm amongst dancers in this challenging time, Ninad Center for Performing Arts in association with organising “Nritya Varsha”.

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Interested kathak dancers can send in their dance performance videos on any Indian classical composition based on Monsoon ragas to

Videos will be featured on leading e-magzine and all social media platforms of Ninad CPA.

Five best entries will be awarded an honorarium of Rs 1000/- each.

Every dancer will also receive a participation certificate from Ninad CPA and Classical Claps.


  1. The dance form should be kathak and presentation should be solo.
  2. Music should be a classical bandish or composition based on monsoon ragas eg chota khayal based on raag Megh, Megh Malhar or types of Malhar etc.
  3. Artists are also requested to try unique compositions like jhula, dadra, dhrupad, Kajri etc. to enhance the kathak repertoire, expand the horizon of creativity and bring novelty to the theme.
  4. Due credits should be mentioned for composition, singing, album etc.
  5. The video should be shot especially for this purpose, should be unpublished and not be an old performance video.
  6. The video should be either in dance costumes or practice costumes with basic makeup and hairdo in landscape mode.
  7. The video should preferably in open space or terrace though not compulsory.
  8. Videos should not be longer than 3 mins and the file size not more than 150mb.
  9. The last date for submission of videos is extended to 18th June 2020.

To confirm your participation please whatsapp your name, age and details of composition to Dr. Tina Tambe on +919320533334 asap.

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