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Dr. Dadheech’s workshop on rare compositions in Kathak

Puru Dadheech

Founded by Late Shri Bireshwar Gautam, Mumbai based Kathak Darpan Cultural Centre will be organising a three-day workshop of well-known scholar Dr. Puru Dadheech from 26th to 28th October. This will be a unique opportunity for senior kathak practitioners to learn some of the rare compositions of Dhrupad and Dashavataar.

Dr. Puru Dadheech

In the ancient ages dance used to be initially done on dhruvpad. Later, dhruvpad got elaborated and dance found many other accompaniments. This particular form of dance got extinct in the newer era. A little dhurvpad which was danced were experiments in thumri style in and around UP. For the first time in 1981, Dr. Puru Dadheech came up with the ancient nritya style of dhruvpad that he performed in Mathura. After that, he has also read a research article called Dhrupad Nartan Ki Parampara.. It was choreographed after going through a lot of shashtras and then choreographing using pure Nritya movement. Since then the style has been adopted by the mass. And for the never-ending love of Dr. Puru Dadheech towards aprachalit taals, he has written and choreographed many compositions of dhruvpad.

Dr. Puru Dadheech is not only a proficient Kathak dancer and choreographer but also an erudite scholar of Natya and Nritya Shashtra, thus having equal command over both the theory and practical aspects of dance. He is the only dancer ever to receive the Mahamahopadhyay (Hon. D.Lit) from Akhil Bharatiya Gandharva Mandal Mahavidyalaya. Besides this, he is the First PhD in the world in Sanskrit Dramatics and also the first Sangeetacharya (PhD) in Kathak. He has also contributed immensely to the field of dance and dramaturgy by authoring several books.

Dr. Piyush Raj

Talking about the workshop, Dr. Piyush Raj, Kathak dancer and Founder Director of Natanam Studio for Performing Arts said, “We are fortunate that such a Senior and esteemed Guru has agreed to come and teach these rare compositions to us.”

“We are also organising a Baithak program on the 29th Oct, in which participants will showcase what they all have learned over the years from their own Gurus.” Added Dr. Piyush.

Dr. Dadheech will be accompanied by his wife and another Senior Guru Dr Vibha Dadheech in the workshop.

The workshop will be held at the Natanam Studios, Goregaon, Mumbai from 26 to 28 October 2018 between 11 am to 6.30 pm. For registration, contact Dr. Piyush Raj at +919820068181.

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