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Dr. Usha Rk takes charge as Director of JNCC, Moscow

Jawaharlal Nehru Cultural Center of the Embassy of India in Moscow for 30 years since its establishment in 1989 has been playing a key role in promoting, perpetuating and propagating of the rare heritage and promotion of the performing and visual Indian arts and culture in Russia.

JNCC caters to the interest among the Russian people to learn and understand the Indian arts and culture through Yoga, Hindi, Sanskrit, Music and Dance classes conducted by the JNCC teachers. Masterclasses and Indian Films Festivals are conducted regularly not only in Moscow but also all over Russia in the framework of Days of Indian Culture.

Dr. Usha Rk with Mr. D. B. Venkatesh Varma, Hon’ble Ambassador of India in Russia

JNCC celebrates the birth and death anniversaries of great leaders of India, festivals of different regions of India and other traditions of India in Russia thereby making the cultural connect stronger. Since 2017, every summer JNCC conducts a series of concerts in the Embassy Lawns to spread the summer air with the fragrance of rich Indian Culture and cuisine.

JNCC supports talented and enthusiastic Russian young people to pursue their higher education in the best universities of India under the Indian Council for Cultural Relations scholarships. The Centre also supports the local cultural groups. JNCC actively collaborates with the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation in conducting joint cultural programs. JNCC has been successfully organized and conducted International Yoga Days in many regions of Russia for 5 years.

The present Director, Dr. Usha Rk comes with over four decades of cultural and corporate experience and has worked with almost all the legends of Indian Arts including Dance, Music, Theatre, Visual arts etc. Her vast experience in conceptualising and executing thematic events and festivals is noteworthy. Dr. Usha has also had the honour of working with the Ministry of Culture as Member Secretary – Intangible Cultural Heritage responsible for nominating the intangible cultural heritage elements of India to the Representative List of Unesco. It was during her tenure that the elements of Yoga and Kumbh Mela were successfully nominated as Human Treasures in the Representative List of UNESCO. The sacred city of Varanasi and the vibrant city of Jaipur were also successfully included in Unesco’s Creative city network as Creative cities of Music and Handicrafts respectively.

Heading the JNCC is a unique opportunity for Dr. Usha Rk to create interesting events and also continue the mandate of propagating the magnificence of Indian culture 

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