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Fighting Corona artistic way

The lockdown to fight with COVID19 kept everyone behind the wall of their homes. Staying home for such a long time is an unprecedented event and everyone get occupied with different activities while fighting COVID19. Artists found this long stay at home as an opportunity to do some creative work and enjoy their passion for art.

We have compiled some interesting videos which showcase how various artists responded to this pandemic differently through their creativity. However, everyone has one common thought “सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः सर्वे सन्तु निरामयाः । सर्वे भद्राणि पश्यन्तु मा कश्चिद् दुःखभाग्भवेत् ॥”

The earliest response came from a young Hindustani singer Sandeep Ranade ‘Naadrang’. Who composed a musical advisory about how we can stay safe and do our part during the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic.
The melodious composition makes us aware with a message “Please don’t, please don’t! I must speak. Please don’t spread Corona! I must speak. Please don’t shake my hand, let’s try a different technique. Let’s keep those filthy hands away from our cheek. Let’s work from home, but let’s not freak. Let’s conquer Corona, before the havoc it’ll wreak. Please keep us all healthy, O savior of the weak.
Sandeep composed the song in Raga Basant and in Taal Addha-Teentaal. All music (tanpura, AI swarmandal, AI tabla, AI harmony on strings and piano) created in real-time by NaadSadhana app.

Indore based Hindustani singer Gautam Kale posted a melodious prayer written by Soordaas  “हमरो संकट निवारो” on his Facebook page. The prayer is composed by his guru Sangeet Martand Pt. Jasraj ji. Indore based Gautam says, “I think prayer is the only means by which we can wish for peace and alleviation of the entire world. I have also prayed the same for all of you to pray for the whole world.”

Classical dancer from Bengaluru, Smt. Sreedevi Sujith, choreographed and presented a Visual rendering of the poem Pratitaalam through her dance.

Sreedevi, who also operate Kavyanjali School of Dance and Music in Bengaluru, says, “When the world is facing the wrath of the most dreaded virus, with many lives lost, people isolated from families and friends, the poet here expresses the positivity and resilience of the human race and motivate the people of India to stay strong and fight the virus for a better and brighter future.”

The poet also appreciates the commitment and dedication of the different administrative systems and health workers in the country in fighting against the deadly virus.

Lyrics: Dr. PK Shaji, Singer: Smt. Athulya Jayakumar, Music: Sri. Palakkad Premraj

Nadroop group of renowned Kathak dancer Smt. Shama Bhate came up with choreography to create awareness through Kathak. The video titled ‘Shubham Bhavatu’- awareness of measures to be taken to fight Covid-19, elaborated through Kathak!

Poem: Arshia Sethi, Music: Chaitanya Adkar

Accomplished Bharata Natyam dancer from Mumbai, Prachi Saathi’s video is about An interpretation of the current Lockdown situation through Bharata Natyam by Prachi Saathi. Verses from the movie Jagachya Pathiwar ” Jag He Bandishaala” written in the year 1960 by Shri.G.D.Madgulkar and composed and originally sung by Shri. Sudhir Phadke.

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According to Prachi, “For the first time in our lifetime, we have come face to face with something that has made us feel so vulnerable, so powerless, so inconsequential and so mortal. Literally overnight, peoples lives changed dramatically- everyone confined to their homes with no solution in sight. The verses speak from the point of view of a man in prison but speaks in context of life at large where he thinks life itself is a prison. With us being in a lockdown condition where we feel as though we are prisoned in the confines of our comfortable homes we have time to reflect upon life and analyse it. This piece was created as a part of the Arts Come Online initiative curated by Shivani Jatar and has been choreographed and presented by Prachi Saathi Vocals by Keerthana Krish.

Kathak and Bollywood dancer Devesh Mirchandani made a video on Hanuman Chalisa during this lockdown time. Talking about the video, Devesh says, Firstly, I haven’t seen Hanuman Chalisa in pure kathak form, secondly I wanted to try to create a piece without anybody’s guidance to test my self, thirdly keeping in mind “Sankat te Hanuman chudavae. Man, kram, vachan Dhyan jo lavai.” All the problems are taken away by Hanuman ji when the heart action and word are fixed on him. Telling people that we must not be afraid of this difficulty, let Hanuman ji solve our problems. Also “Sankat Kate mite sab peera. Jo sumirai Hanumat Balbeera.”

U. S. Mishra directed an inspirational video song “Desh Hamara Hai”, produced by Classical Touch, featuring young singers duo Satakshi Mishra and Sarvshreshtha Mishra.

Charanya Gurusathya, Artistic Director of Pune based Natyashala School of Bharatanatyam and her team of professional dancers’ video has reached worldwide audience and has been well received by connoisseurs.

“We released this on April 7th 2020, World Health Day as per WHO guidelines and it is also approved in the Online portal of UNESCO headquarters, Paris Chapter. The Bharatanatyam dance video addresses the COVID19 situation and how people should continue to not panic and take safety precautions” informs Charanya.

Optimistic S.U.N.A.INA sent out a prayer hoping that everything would be fine soon.

SUNAINA applauds the efforts of medical professionals, govts and helping organizations over the world through A thillana, a prayer and social distance effort. Aparajita Sarma, Upasana Gagneja, Tanya Gambhir, Shrutika Narang, Praharhini Vadlamani and Saradyuthi Vadlamani perform on a concept, composition and choreography of Guru Kanaka Sudhakar, Sahityam & Nattuvangam and editing by Aparajita Sarma and Vocal by Poornima Shyamsundar.

Bharatanatyam dancer Meghna Venkat produced “Nivarana” a during the lockdown. “As an artist, I think art can reach the depth of a human heart! So through art by an artist – Nivarana (prevention)”, says Meghna.

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Meghna further adds, “Especially during this lockdown, I feel Art and Spirituality has become quite significant in one’s life. May be that’s why all devotees/saints/bhaktas always prayed for sorrowful moments as boons, so they can never forget God or Nature.
I call it — remember death to remember life ! And yes, Art brings us close to spirituality.”

Video and Shloka sung by Gokulakrishnan Subramanian.

Another Bharatanatyam dancer from New Delhi, Aparajita Sarma saysLike everyone, I too got busy releasing my negative energies through dance expressing my positiity and also fears.”

Aparajita came up with a dance piece titled “Screen trapped in lockdown”

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