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I & Myself : Anilkumar & Mofassal to perform Twin Dance Production in Asian countries

Young and talented Bharatanatyam and Rabindrik Nritya exponent from Mumbai, Anil Kumar Singh along with another talented dancer from Bangladesh, Md Mofassal Hossen will perform in Colombo in a programme organised by Indian Council of Cultural Relations(ICCR) on October 30, Singapore on 19th November and Malaysia on 21 November. The duo would also perform for Ocean Dance festival in Bangladesh on 23rd November.

Anil Kumar Singh is a trained Bharatanatyam exponent and has also learnt the Rabindrik Nritya which is based on Rabindra Sangeet, created and composed by the legendary Rabindra Nath Tagore, that explores the melody of both Hindustani classical music and western classical music and presented with a holistic perspective, portrayed with peace and happiness based on human values and ethics. Anil has several performances to his credit and is also the lead dancer with the troupe of Dr Tushar Guha. This is the first time that Anil has come with something interesting, and novel which everybody can relate to, pertaining to human life and existence.

Anil Kumar Singh says, “The concept is universal and definitely human and concerns everyone, named I and Myself, I represents the body and myself is the soul, it is an experiment that delves into the significance of body and soul, through the medium of dance and music, especially for this number, since the subject is quite strong, we did  not want it to be lengthy, hence the duration is only 12 minutes, within this span of time with support and interpretation of a Bengali song that is philosophical in nature that portrays life in tune with nature, commencing with the Sunrise that illuminates the entire universe and is essential for life and existence. While my style is based on what I have learnt with the creative instinct towards space and elegance, while my partner moves forward with more leaps, jumps and flamboyant movements which is part of modern contemporary dance. We both create fire on stage with our performance and am quite excited to perform for many countries all over the world”

Mofassal was first spotted in the dance festival organised by my friend Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi exponent Subitha Murali in a programme in Borivali, he was spontaneous and performed with a lot of energy and involvement winning the applause from the audience. Incidentally, he is from Bangladesh and is in Mumbai with the cultural exchange programme and is part of the Terence Lewis Dance company.

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