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JHANKRITI 2023: The World’s Grandest Virtual Performing Arts Competition is Here!

In an age where virtual connections reign supreme, the performing arts find a new stage – Jhankriti 2023. Touted as the most monumental virtual performing arts competition this year, Jhankriti is setting a new bar for cultural celebrations.

Brought to the global audience by the Art of Living’s cultural subsidiary, the World Forum for Art and Culture, Jhankriti promises a riveting union of international talents. Young artists, whether seasoned in their craft or new to the stage, are encouraged to take this grand opportunity to present their skills.

An Inclusive Stage for All

There are no borders in the world of arts. Keeping this spirit alive, Jhankriti 2023 is inviting participants from every corner of the planet. If you are 21 or younger, this is your moment to shine. And the best part? Registration is absolutely FREE and open till 31st August 2023.

“This is more than just a competition,” says an official from the World Forum for Art and Culture. “It’s a movement, a wave of global connectivity through the language of performing arts. We are here to celebrate, encourage, and amplify the voices of young artists.”

Embrace the Virtual Realm

Digital platforms have the power to connect, and Jhankriti 2023 is leveraging this potential to its fullest. Participants can reach audiences worldwide, presenting a chance to inspire, mesmerize, and touch hearts from the comfort of their homes.

Stay Updated

For more details on the event, rules, or any other queries, the official website,, is the place to be. The social media-savvy can also stay updated by following the World Forum for Art and Culture on their official handles at @wfacofficial.

Those with specific queries can get their answers by mailing

Art has a way of bringing people together. This year, Jhankriti aims to do just that. So, mark your calendars, spread the word, and be a part of this grand celebration of the arts. Here’s to creativity, connectivity, and cherished memories!

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