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Mini Shilparama becomes the New Avenue for Art

Spaces are the cultivators of Art and culture. As the world seeing cultural spaces abandoning and left away. Telangana state believes in promoting culture and art as its core values by creating spaces for arts to flourish.

Hyderabad on June 22nd was all set to the opening of an avenue of a new cultural space. “Mini Shilparama” was inaugurated and welcomed by the art enthusiasts, artists and audience to get enthralled into the world of culture in Hyderabad.

“Mini Shilparama” one of the most ambitious project by Shilparamam, spread over 7.5 acres on the banks of the River Musi on the Uppal-Nagole road, this is the second Shilparamam in Hyderabad after the one in Madhapur. It will house 50 stalls offering hand-looms and handicrafts, besides one of the best recreational facilities. a movement initiative of Arts and Crafts Village is a tribute to the cultural legacy of India. The primary aim of this establishment is to foster, restore and help flourish the culture of India’s glorious past. It provides a common platform for artisans and performing artists to showcase their talents. Nestling amidst rocks, rippling waterfalls and gorgeous lawns, Shilparamam is a melting pot of traditions and cultures. Here each season brings a mood of festivity and Indian festivals are celebrated in the most traditional way.

Shilparamam hosts a multitude of ethnic art, crafts and culture from all over the country. The yearly All-India Festival of Arts and Crafts held here in February highlights the cultural and creative traditions from every corner of the country and provides a unique occasion to take home a piece of Indian art. This mini Shilparamam is jointly taken up by the Arts, Crafts and Cultural Society and HMDA on the lines of Shilparamam in Madhapur which is a popular destination for shoppers to buy products from artisans across the country. The one at Madhapur has a total area of 60 acres including the adjoining Shilpakala Vedika. this one works pertaining to the entry gate, crafts village, landscaping, Amphitheatre and other structures were almost done which will recreate a village-like atmosphere like the Shilparamam at Madhapur.

The inauguration ceremony was culturally grand with presentations of world-class Hyderabad artists putting their best foot forward. The day started with the ritual puja and then a marathon of performances by Acclaimed artists to celebrate the new beginning. The evening began with Bharatanatyam performance by Students of Smt. Geetha Ganesan. Uttara Centre for Performing Arts, an organization cultivated by acclaimed Guru Smt. Geetha Ganesan presented a wonderful Bharatanatyam group presentation which made the audience lost in the sanctity of Bhakthi followed by  Kuchipudi by Smt. Musunoori India where young performers made the entire crowd aww-stuck. soon the folk arts of Telangana were lined up such as Oggudolu by Kachu Anjaiah & group, Gussadi by Vaikuntam & group and Dappu by Sri Andasi Narayana & group these folk forms represented the earthliness of the art and made people groove to their music and dance, the presentations were culturally rich and attractive and moved kids as well as adults alike.

In the following weeks, Mini Shilparamam saw presentations by Shankarananda Kalashetra, a world-class classical dance school founded by Padmasri Ananda Shankara Jayant, presented a beautiful performance by Students Kum. Harshita Kaja and Kum. Neha Sthananpalli, the duo created the magic which made the audience mesmerized. followed by a solo Bharatanatyam presentation by Anushree Krishnan, a Kalashetra Alumnus and a line of other performances were presented and witnessed. Spaces like Shilparamam are the coinsures to safeguard art and culture and such spaces need to be promoted, preserved and maintained for the prosperity of Art and Culture.

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