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Mumbai’s First Chaaran Samagam

Chaaran Samagam

The Chaaran Parampara dates back to the Vedic era. Combining the dynamic forces of chhandas with unique sahitya based on Puranas and Itihasa, Chaaran Sahitya and Sangeet is unique and has retained its format and style over the centuries. NataRavi, a philanthropic organization founded by Sunil Sunkara, who is also the dance academic head of the World Forum for Art and Culture , organised Mumbai’s first ever Chaaran Samagam which brought together scholars from the Chaaran community, along with young Chaaran performers as well as featured a book exhibition on Chaaran Sahitya .

Prof Ambadan Rohadia from Rajkot, India’s foremost scholar on Chaarani Sahitya gave the audience a spellbinding history where he mentioned how the chaarans were blessed with proficiency in both the pen and the sword. Their vaani itself carried dynamic energy that electrified all those who heard them. Mumbai ‘s Bhanunjay Dhavad Chaaran put forth the aspects of Gandharva Nritya and Sangeet connected to Chaaran Traditions while Jaydeep Kumbhani brought forth his unique new illustrative book ‘Shaktinu Swaroop’ that brought forth stories of Shakti from Chaaran Legends.

Sanket Sadhu from Amdavad, a young Chaaran sangeetkaar and sahityakaar enthralled the audience with the stories of Sita Swayamwar and Maharana Pratap. His description of how the shiva dhanush itself quivered when Prabhu Ram let his eyes rest on them, gave a glimpse to the audience of the power of speech ,as just his words brought before the audiences eyes an imagery of the moment.

Akshobhya Bharadwaj from Kala Moksha Mumbai has been pursuing his PhD under Dr Puru Dadheech at Sri Sri University on the subject of dance aspects in Chaaran tradition and he brought forth a unique fusion of Kathak Kavitt with Chaaran Shiva Tandava.

In conclusion Shila Mehta , noted Kathak exponent of Mumbai brought forth three aspects in her unique work on charani sahitya in Kathak – sancharis bhaav using Chaaran Sahitya where each word is explored in detail, a unique nayika who turns into a sadhvi and a spectacular piece on the various kinds of arrows presented by her student Mansi.

The event was held at Dr Piyush Raj’s Natanam Studio on 31st Jan and graced by Smriti Talpade, Paullumi Mukherjee and Shubhada Varadkar. The event was in collaboration with NCPA Mumbai Dance Season 2024.

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