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Home » News » Musicologist Rajanikantha Rao passes away

Musicologist Rajanikantha Rao passes away

rajnakanta rao

Famous musicologist B. Rajanikantha Rao passed away on 22nd April in Vijaywada following a brief illness. He was 98.

He was known for writing and composing song ‘Maadi Swatantra Desam – Maadi Swatantra Jaathi,’ which was sung by T Suryakumari, and was broadcast by Akashvani on the first Independence Day (August 15, 1947).

Rao was awarded by Central Sahitya Academy in 1961 for Vaggeyakara Charitra, which is still a guide for the music scholars.

Mr. Rajanikanta Rao was granted an Honorary Doctorate by Andhra University and had been introducing research papers on musicology on subjects that incorporate Kshetrayya’s verses, Geeta Govinda, Ragas of Gandhara Grama, old sizes of Indian music, and so on.

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