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Natavari 2018: A soulful experience of Kathak

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It is said that dance is the hidden language of the soul and it truly was a soulful experience when over 250 Kathak students from four branches of Nrityasamskar, a Kathak Dance Academy in the Western suburbs of Mumbai, came together for its Annual Dance event “Natavari 2018”.

The annual event not only gives the students an exposure to stage performance but it also is an opportunity for the Guru to explore innovative and creative themes.

Natavari 2018 proved to be an opportunity in a true sense. A number of innovative themes experimented through the event where students from the basic level to Alankar level showcased 21 recitals. There was a thematic presentation of Khel where various outdoor games like Tug-of-war, Skipping, Kabaddi were shown through Kathak bol’s and movements. The rendering of Kathak movements on the core Bharatnatyam Jati’s was much appreciated by all. But the showstopper remained the “Mahabharat Ballet” when Draupadi’s Cheer Haran made the audience almost teary-eyed. Guru Rajashree Oak herself performed rare compositions in Teental and also presented a monologue of Yashodhara, wife of Buddha penned by Maithilisharan Gupta. Through her performance, she explored Yashodhara’s emotions as Buddha left her to take on the spiritual path.

Held on last month at Prabodhankar Thakrey Auditorium in Borivali, Natavari 2018 had a full-house auditorium with around one thousand rasikas.

Pandit Sudheer Mainkarji, a renowned name in Tabla research and Pandit Mukundraj Deo, internationally acclaimed Tabla artist graced the event as chief guests.

Guru Rajashree Oak felicitating Chief Guest Pt. Mukundraj Deo.

Organised every alternate year for the last 12 years, the annual day is akin to a festival for the institute. A festival to celebrate the language of the soul.

“While the programme lasts only for three to four hours it is backed by over two months’ practise and planning. We spent innumerable hours preparing the choreography and synchronisation the students excitedly put their heads together to decide on their costumes and accessories. The outcome is a culmination of all these efforts and the applause from the audience is the ultimate reward for it.” says Guru Rajashree Oak.

Students of Nrityasamskar performing in Natwari 2018

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