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National Skating Champion Prisha Thakkar Makes Her Debut as A Kathak Dancer

Young and talented collegian Prisha Thakkar is a multi-faceted personality, pursuing her B.Com at HR College, Prisha has already several achievements to her credit, which is really startling. Prisha is an artistic roller skating national champion, having won a bronze at the tender age of 13 at the 17th Artistic Roller Skating Asian Championship held at Lishui in China. Prisha proudly makes her debut as a Kathak dancer at Mukesh Patel Auditorium, Vile Parle (West) Mumbai on Sunday 24th July at 5 pm.

Prisha is the disciple of accomplished Kathak exponent and teacher Dr Tina Tambe and is the daughter of Bijal and Bhavesh Thakkar. Prisha says “I believe dance is a hidden language”.

Guru Dr. Tina Tambe and Prisha Thakkar

Prisha is a Visharad in Kathak with distinction from Gandharva Mahavidyalaya and has been learning dance from a tender age,similarly Prisha has been learning skating for more than eight years, when asked what she likes more, skating or dancing, she immediately replied “both”.Surprisingly Prisha combines dancing with skating, which is really alarming and not an easy task at all, you should be able to balance your body well by maintaining harmony in rhythm and movements, which is possible after several years of consistent practise, Prisha says ” When I am skating, I feel as if I am flying, its very exciting”.

Prisha has won over 35 medals in district and state level skating championship, for seven consecutive years, Prisha has participated in the Artistic Roller Skating National Championship and is the youngest girl in Maharashtra to win the championship. Prisha holds a bachelor’s degree in dancing and has learnt 15 western and Indian dance styles that includes folk dances, Prisha says ‘If you have a will, there is always a way, you should be mentally prepared to do well in life, which is very important”.

Prisha has participated in Olympiads of Mathematics, Science and Economics, and has successfully completed seven grades of Speech & Drama from Trinity College of London.

Prisha aspires to become a professional chartered accountant and join her father’s company, who is a professional chartered accountant but is quite passionate about dancing as well and says that her mother Bijal and her Guru Dr Tina Tambe are the inspirations to do well in life. Nevertheless, there is no cost accounting as far as the arts are concerned which is priceless and invaluable and the expressions of the soul.

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