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Natyashala Academy of Fine Arts Marks 15 Years with Grand Dance Festival

Charanya Gurusathya

As the Natyashala Academy of Fine Arts steps into its fifteenth year, the Pune-based institution is set to celebrate this milestone with a grand classical dance festival, ‘Abhyasa Pradarshanam’. This unique event is designed to showcase the rigorous training and artistic growth of young dancers under the guidance of Smt. Charanya Gurusathya, the founder and artistic director of the academy.

This year’s festival is not just a celebration of years but an exploration of new music, themes, and the detailed craftsmanship that goes into creating contemporary yet classical dance performances. The highlight of the festival will be a Bharatanatyam musical dance drama titled ‘Krishna Katha’ (कथा), which translates to ‘The Tale of Krishna’. This performance is set to depict various stages of Lord Krishna’s life through the intricate language of dance, accompanied by live music from a talented ensemble of musicians.

The recital promises to take the audience on a spiritual journey through the art of ‘Angika’, capturing the innocent charm of Bala Krishna in his childhood antics, and ‘Vachika’, where the narrative voice expresses the playful yet profound interactions of Krishna with the Gopis. ‘Aaharya’, the use of costumes and props, will depict the regal embodiment of Krishna, while ‘Sattvika’, the emotional expression, will bind the performance into a seamless narrative of devotion and love.

The event is scheduled for Saturday, April 20, 2024, at 4:00 PM at Nilu Phule Sabhagriha in Sanghvi, Pune. It will be inaugurated by Padmashree awardee Natyacharyan Guru Sadanam Balakrishnan, a revered figure in the world of classical dance.

The live musical ensemble will feature: Charanya Gurusathya (Nattuvangam), Rohan Pillai (Vocal), Pancham Upadhyay (Mridangam), Gurusathya Rajasekar (Kanjira & Morsing), Sanjay Sasidharan (Flute) and Rohan Pillai (Veena).

Audience members are encouraged to reserve their seats in advance to experience this captivating blend of story, dance, and music that continues to make the ‘Krishna Katha’ a divine narrative retold through generations. Bookings can be made through the provided online link.

For tickets visit: CLICK HERE

Join to dive into the divine drama of ‘Krishna Katha’, a story ever so enchantingly retold through the grace of Bharatanatyam.

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