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Nayika 2019: International Women’s Day Celebrations in Bengaluru

Along with the world, to celebrate the International Women’s Day, Shambhavi School of Dance has organized NAYIKA, Symposium and Dance Festival celebrating the contribution of Women to the field of Indian Classical Dance. Being the brainchild of Kuchipudi exponent Vyjayanthi Kashi, the 6th edition of NAYIKA is a humble attempt to document and celebrate the contributions of 3 revered Gurus of Karnataka; Late Guru Narmada, Late Guru Padmini Ramachandran and Guru Smt. Radha Sridhar.

Guru Smt. Radha Sridhar, Late Guru Padmini Ramachandran and Late Guru Narmada

Each of the above Gurus has trained a rich legacy of students to carry forward their Parampara.  NAYIKA 2019 will feature following promising students of these Gurus who have made a mark in the field of Bharatanatyam;

  • Smt Soundarya Srivatsa (disciple of Guru Narmada)
  • Smt Kirti Ramgopal (disciple of Guru Padmini Ramachandran)
  • Smt Aishwarya Nityananda (disciple of Guru Radha Sridhar)

A special feature of NAYIKA 2019 is that these dancers will speak about their respective Gurus highlighting their significant achievements. They will also perform items choreographed by their Gurus. Such discussions and experience sharing can benefit the younger generation of dancers to learn about the rich history of the field which could, in turn, serve as pointers in their journey ahead as artists.

The evening will also witness the conferring of NATYASASTRA Award to Guru Smt. Radha Sridhar for her continued contributions to Bharatanatyam. The coveted NATYASASTRA Award has been previously conferred upon Dr. Yamini Krishnamurthy (Padma Bhushan Awardee), Dr. Sobha Naidu (Padma Shri Awardee), Late Dr. Uma Rama Rao and Smt Sumathy Kaushal. The previous 5 editions of NAYIKA were exclusively dedicated to documenting the contribution of women to Kuchipudi. Through the current edition, Vyjayanthi Kashi intends to open this festival to recognize Women Achievers in other disciplines of Indian Classical Dance as well, apart from Kuchipudi.

  • Date: 10th March 2019
    Time: 6pm – 8pm
  • Venue: Shambhavi Dance Theatre,
    Shambhavi Street, Suncity Road,
    Kengeri Satellite Town,
    Bengaluru 560 060

The festival is free and open to all.

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