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‘Roop-Bandh’ Festival

‘Nadroop’- a renowned Pune (Maharashtra) based Kathak institute turns 33 this year! Nadroop has made a mark on the audience and art lovers with its unique body of work through all these years. Nadroop has never failed to amaze the audience in the field of Kathak by its novel concepts, experimental choreographies and perfection shown by the dancers on the stage! Even this year due to the pandemic of Covid-19, a lot of aspirations, plans, and hopes withered away and all presentations, programs and projects came to a standstill in performing arts; Nadroop came up with many interesting projects and ideas for a perfect blend of technology and traditional art.

Guru Shama Bhate

Renowned Kathak guru and Director of Nadroop, Shama Bhate ji says “We at Nadroop, were determined to keep our spirits high, bring positivity to ourselves and spread it amongst the people around. We decided to explore different avenues, possibilities without getting deterred. We tried to look within ourselves and also deep within our own wealth of tradition for enrichment and growth.”

Nadroop seniors did various projects, some to sharpen the creative wits while some for better understanding of technology. Understanding that technology is important to make the work in the field of performing arts- relevant and sustainable in future, Nadroop realized the new digital platform added a new dimension to the traditionalism and classicisms they represent and revere. They also conducted a series of lectures, several interactive sessions with many stalwarts on various topics while young generation dancers created new work and discussed new techniques in pedagogy. The idea was to be inclusive in all kinds of thought processes, ideas and views with their own concepts and beliefs.

Now, the Nadroop has come up with a two-day grand digital festival ‘Roop-Bandh’ happening on the 7th and 8th November. Roop Bandh aims to create new work and embrace and explore the new avenue of technology coupled with traditional classical vales of Kathak medium.

The first day brings you ‘Rhythm Labyrinth’- ‘Taal Pancham Sawari’ of 15 beats. Rhythm is the backbone of Kathak dance. Once you enter the labyrinth, you are compelled to explore more, challenged with new intriguing puzzles that are invigorating and refreshing. It’ll present a pure dance piece, with mystical space and maze of bodylines, shapes and compositions! Recitations of rhythmic compositions invoking the spirit of God almighty to ward off the calamities and the evil will also be showcased during this production!

The next day, on the 8th Nov, a choreography titled ‘Bhakti- Gatha’ will be presented. This choreography is about Bhakti, which is the main binding force which connects all multiple cults, religions, languages, cultures, regions of our vast country. The portrayal of four different saints who in their ardent devotion for their ‘Ishta Devata’ and to reach the goal of salvation are ready to let go of everything including their lives. For this, the Kathak vocabulary needed to be re-moulded and re-modified to incorporate the regional cultural context and the imagery that the different deities represent. The pandemic situation posed one more grave challenge that is, All the four dancers from four different cities learnt their part from their own locations, taking the help of the technology and trying to surmount the barriers of distance and of not being able to share human vibrations and human feelings. ‘When one is faced with challenges, one also comes up with novel solutions’ is taught to all of us during this pandemic!

According to Shama ji, “It was imperative that the academic side should not be neglected in the festival.  The interactive sessions therefore are being planned, wherein different aspects will be discussed by young minds. The changing scenario in the dance field, the presentations to suit the global appeal, the adherence to the traditional values and mainly the recent experience of participating in ‘Roop- Bandh’ festival will be the main topics for discussion.”

(Credits: Music track- Narendra Bhide, Filming and video editing- Apurv Sathe)

Play-too-me platform is the streaming partner for the festival.

Performance Schedule: (streaming twice)
  • 7th November 2020 : ‘Rhythm Labyrinth’ – 6.30 pm IST & 7.30 pm EST
  • 8th November 2020 :  ‘Bhakti – Gatha’ – 6.30 pm IST & 7.30 pm EST

Do book your passes soon as ‘Roop-Bandh’ is a festival not to be missed!

Donation Passes:
  • Day 1: Rs 250 and Day 2: Rs 250
  • Season Pass: Rs. 400 (Use promo code PTMNADR20PRCT )


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