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SHAKTI – Dance Drama Portrays Victory Over Evil

In order to portray victory over evil,  to maintain peace and prosperity amidst people, the dance drama Shakti was presented by the dancers of Saraswati Kala Kendra and Research Centre(Mira Road) at Prabodhan Thackeray Sabhagriha, Borivali on 15th July. The occasion was the Salagai Pooja ceremony, in order to initiate young aspirants in the field of classical dancing, particularly Bharatanatyam. The programme was attended by a select audience of art lovers.

For a classical dancer, the dancing bells are of utmost significance, as it symbolises the harmony  of rhythm which has to be maintained between life,dance and music. Rhythm is like breathing,hence vital for existence and living, similarly the dancer has to maintain precise accuracy while dancing, which forms the highlight of classical dancing. In order to ascertain the significance of the dancing bells, a ritual, a ceremony known as “Salangai Pooja or Gajja Pooja” was organized by Saraswathy Kala Kendra and Research Centre. Young aspiring dancers was  blessed as their mentor, Guru Subitha Murali who conducted the ceremony of tying the dancing bells, while seeking divine intervention and blessings for the aspirants of Bhrata Natyam, maintaining the tradition of Guru-shishya Parampara.

Guru Subitha Murali is an accomplished exponent of Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi and is the artistic director of Saraswathy Kala Kendra, which has trained several students and performed for various occasions. Subitha says “Saraswathy Kala Kendra has been existing for more than twenty five years, for the silver jubilee celebrations, we organised an international festival of classical and folk dancers, dancers from other countries like Nepal had participated and response was amazing. The Salangai Pooja is comparatively  a smaller attempt in encouraging young children to dance, am extremely glad to mention that Sangeeta Natak Akademi, Ministry of Culture, Government of India, has extended their valuable support in organising this event, which is part of Arangetram (debut performance by young dancers). The young dancers and their parents were excited to participate in this significant event.”

The young dancers will performed selected items from the Bharatanatyam repertoire,like the invocatory Ganapathi Kautvam, Jatiswaram, Sabdam etc and the highlight of the evening was the dance-drama “Shakti” incorporating the divine and universal goddess, the victory over evil, after killing the demon Mahisasur, Mahisasur was enacted by young dancer Abhiram.. The dancers participating in this event were Venkatesh Murali, Kaashika Tomar,Antara Banerjee,Brahmjot Kaur and Matharoo Kotian. THe dance drama dancers will be Venkatesh, Maitree, Kaashika, Shiveli, Antara, Brahmjot and Abhiram The musical orchestral team will be led by Guru Subitha Murali for nattuvangam, Shivaprasad for vocal, Prajesh Nair for mridangam, Satish Seshadiri for violin and Nandkumar for flute.

Special guests of the evening included veteran compere artist of AIR, Anand Singh, Kuchipudi exponent and eminent arts critic Guru Vijay Shanker and MK Patel of Patel Cultural Foundation.

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