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Sufi Kalaam leaves the audience spellbound!

“It is said where words fail, music speaks, but yesterday I felt I was on a beautiful horizon where both music and words were beautifully singing together, complimenting each other, giving us the utmost pleasure of experiencing divinity, through Guruji’s divine compositions. Heartfelt gratitude to respected Guruji and his entire team of singers and musicians and also technicians. Thank you once again for a beautiful mesmerizing evening”

This social media comment from a music lover on “Sufi Kalaam” speaks volumes of the nature of the compositions showcased by Mohinderjit Singh and Chintoo Singh Wasir, on the 23rd of Feb 2019, at ISKCON Auditorium.

The evening started with a beautiful rendition of Ganesh Vandana followed by enchanting compositions of Amir Khusro sung in perfect unison and harmony by a group of Mohinderjit Singh’s students.  Amir Khusro’s poetry included mystic compositions like Ban Ke Panchi in raag Madhuvanti, Phool rahi sarson in raag Bahar.  Compositions like Saiya se neha and More saiya ke rang hazar gave the audience a glimpse of the playful and romantic aspect of Khusro’s poetry while Kahe ko behaye videsh found many in the audience hiding a tear. The energy in all time favourite Chaap Tilak had the audience joining in with rhythmic clapping.

The second half of the show started with Chintoo Singh’s mesmerizing solo performance of his latest release Ibadat followed by Sufi Blues on the guitar.  Chintoo Singh is an internationally acclaimed guitar player and Sufi singer who also plays Sufi instruments like rabab and saz and is much sought after within the film, television, radio and media industry.  Chintoo Singh’s soulful guitar performance that evening was in perfect sync with the mood of the evening and enhanced the beauty of each composition.

No Amir Khusro show can be called complete without a tarana piece. Mohinderjit Singh’s beautiful tarana in raag Malkaunsh revealed the genius in him as it was unravelled soulfully by the singers amidst beautifully executed alaaps and verses of Amir Khurso’s Chanda Ki Chaandni.  

Bulleh Shah’s love, angst and devotion for his Guru was beautifully unveiled to us by Mohinderjit Singh via his compositions, Baudhi baudhi Ve, Ik Aliph Padho Ranjhan mennu and Aavoni saiyon.  The band of musicians were completely attuned to the nature of the compositions and provided perfect support with the violin providing the required pathos. The main singers Gaurav Bangia, Nobina Mirjankar, Amruta Natu, Dharna Pahwa, Shailesh Mavinkurve and Ritendra Dirghangi’s melodious singing helped bring to life the mystic compositions.

The host Vishnu Sharma, the lights, the LED display, and the stage setup all added to the charm of the evening. Sufi Kalaam was indeed an enthralling show, brought to us by Satvikaa Academy of Fine Arts, created by Mohinderjit Singh, with the aim of preserving, propagating, and creating soulful, authentic, Indian music for the discerning music lover.

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