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Supriya Nagarajan’s Anti-Light Pollution Album ‘Moods of Madhukauns’

As of 2022, roughly 90% of the world population cannot see the Milky Way from their home. Classically trained Carnatic artist and mentor Supriya Nagarajan is on a mission to change this by calling upon the public to turn off their lights and reclaim the Night Sky!

Dewsbury-based and Indian born, Supriya is bringing the memory of her native country’s vibrant dark skies to the UK with her upcoming album Moods of Madhukanuns. Set for release on Indian Independence Day (August 15th), the album represents a first for World Music, mixing traditional South-Indian sounds with electronic elements to capture the fireflies that illuminated the artist’s childhood 30-hour coal train trips from metropolitan Mumbai to rural Madras.

“Moods of Madhukauns is the bridge between my childhood and my granddaughter’s. My legacy for her is to pass on the closest I can get to capturing the light of my night sky, hoping it may guide her as it did me all those decades ago.” says Supriya. 

Supriya Nagarajan also founded and is CEO of Manasamitra, following a successful international banking career. Based in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, the artist-led organisation brings Eastern musical traditions to UK audiences within a British context working with artists from all manners of disciplines and styles. This work supports more than 40 local artists and runs a national PRSF funded mentoring program for female artists and composers to help them overcome the barriers that Supriya had faced years ago.

For her contributions to promoting diversity and accessibility to the arts, Supriya was nominated for Wonder Woman of the Year (Woman at Home Magazine), and the Microsoft Diversity Nomination. Recently Supriya also toured her project Lullaby Sonic Cradle, a project bringing together Indian and UK lullabies and soundscapes, across the UK, Europe, Scandinavia, India, and Australia.

As one of the most internationally sought-after Carnatic vocalists, Supriya has also performed across India, Thailand, Cambodia, Europe, and the UK, as well as having worked closely with Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Cultural Olympiad project ‘Stanza Stones’, the Yorkshire Moors, and the poetry of Simon Armitage.

With Posse of Fireflies, Supriya Nagarajan calls upon listeners to engage with the project’s roots in nature. To turn off excess lights, put away mobile phones, and take in the night sky once more.

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