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4th Indian Classical Dance & Music Festival 2022 by Damru Ninad & EZCC

Damru Ninad, an elite cultural organization from West Bengal, working restlessly for the promotion and preservation of Indian classical dance and culture, has recently announced  4th Indian Classical Dance & Music Festival 2022 organized in collaboration with Eastern Zonal Cultural Center, Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India on 24 April 2022 & on 15 May 2022.

The festival is directed & guided by Smt. Soma Dasgupta, President & Sri Subhasis Dutta, Vice President. Many eminent personalities will be present at this event.

It’s Damru Ninad’s first initiative after the lockdown. Long back in 2019, Damru Ninad had started conducting such festivals to encourage the young society of India to indulge more in Indian Classical Culture.

The two-day festival will be organized in two different months to gather more audience and attention of youth. Social awareness is the key to this idea. With almost 30 empanelled performing artist members, Damru Ninad organizes such kinds of various prestigious festivals throughout West Bengal every year.

Senior artists are being engaged in many positive promotional activities on spreading more awareness of the Classical dances of India. It is a registered organization under Govt. of West Bengal, the Ministry of MSME (Govt. of India) & NITI AAYOG (Govt. of India).

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