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Divya’s Scintillating Performance

As part of the Natya Kalavardhini series, Fine Arts Society ,Chembur,
Mumbai.presented the scintillating Bharatanatyam recital by Divya
Balachandran at RCF Hall on Friday 12th May. The performance was
noteworthy for its technical excellence,clarity of movements and
command over expressional dancing that kept the audience spellbound.

Divya Balalchandran is the disciple of Guru Revathi Srinivasraghavan
for more than two decades. After the invocations, Divya performed the
traditional Talamalika Alarippu which consisted of 5 different beat
cycles of 5,7,9,11,13 aksharas which was performed with effortless
ease and precision,making a fine start to the grand recital. Charming
Divya performed the most elaborate number of the Bharata natyam
repertoire, Varnam “Sarasijakshudu” in Raagam Kalyani, Rupaka Taalam,
composed by Sivanandam of the Tanjore Quartet. It was amazing as to how
the dancer could relate to the Lord with natural “mukhuja abhinaya”
establishing the intensity of the relationship between the heroine and
the Lord. A special mention of the singer Rohit Bhat of Bangalore who
arrived in the city for this concert, taking the performance to a
mystical level with his intense and commendable voice.

Divya takes you to another journey of “vatsalya bhav” establishing the
pure unconditional love of the mother for her child in Bharatiyar
composition “Chinnanchiru kiliye” in Ragamalika and Tisra Nadai Adi
Talam. The poet refers to the metaphor of the bird and every aspect of
nature that is so pure and beautiful, referring to the harmonious
bonding of the child and the mother. It was a pleasure to watch Divya
in such innate and subtle expressions. In the Padam “Unnai Thoodu
Annupinen” the heroine questions her Sakhi regarding her Lord, in
Saveri Ragam and Adi talam, a composition of Ghanam Krishna Iyer.

The grand finale number Thillana in Dwijavanti Ragam, Adi Talam,
composed by Mridangam Vidwan. Satish Krishnamurthy, was noteworthy for
its rhythmic excellence , stylized movements and intricate
footwork. All the choreographies were set by Guru Smt. Revathi
Srinivasraghavan and the rhythmic inputs were added by  Satish
Krishnamurthy.On the Vadya Vrindam  were vocal by. Rohith Bhat
Uppoor.,nattuvangam – by Guru. Revathi Srinivasraghavan,mridangam by.
Satish Krishnamurthy and  Violin by. B. Anantharaman. On the whole it
was a scintillating recital. If Divya continues to dance with the same
amount of passion and zeal, she will soon be among the main rank of

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