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Renowned Harmonium Artist Atul Phadke Passes Away

Today, the world of classical music mourns the loss of a gem, Atul Phadke, an acclaimed Harmonium artist. Holding an M.A. in Music, Phadke’s virtuosity was shaped under the tutelage of legendary figures such as Pt. Anant Kemkar, Pt. Tulsidasji Borkar, and Pt. Mukundraj Deo.

As a Graded artist of both Doordarshan and All India Radio, he leaves behind a legacy of rich, soulful performances. Not only did he grace the stages with eminent singers like Pt. Jasraj, Ut. Aslam Khan, Pt. Ajay Pohankar, and Pt. Ganpati Bhat, but he also magnificently accompanied kathak maestros including Pt. Birju Maharaj, Pt. Tirathram Azad, Pt. Pratap Pawar, Pt. Deepak Maharaj, and Dr. Manjiri Deo.

Phadke’s global footprint is evident with his numerous performances across India and in international venues spanning France, Germany, Dubai, and Mauritius. His exemplary contribution to music was recognized when he was bestowed with the “Aadarsha Dombivlikar” Award in 2014-15.

The loss of Phadke is deeply felt by the global music community, but his melodies and harmonies will continue to resonate, transcending time. The music fraternity and fans worldwide extend their heartfelt condolences to his family and disciples during this sorrowful time.

PC: FB wall of Rohit Deo

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