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Mamatha dances to Save Earth

Bangalore based accomplished Bharatanatyam exponent and mentor, Mamatha Karanth performs in Mumbai on Friday 28th June at Mysore Association Auditorium at 6.30 pm. Mamatha and her talented disciples will perform a theme based on save earth “Karnamaham”- bacause I matter means am the reason.

Mamatha says, “The enormity of climate change is one of the most dangers confronting the world nowadays. In our technology and scientific minded world, we seem to have forgotten that mankind is relatively a minor part of nature, we ignore being part of a larger whole.

Our unit of measure has more often become money only, What has no price tag seems to have no value, in doing so we mix up economic growth with general well-being and financial income with personal happiness, respectively. Climate change is viewed  as a result of masculine order that prioritizes production, growth and egoistical qualities over feminine values such as nature and care. The true cause of global warming is our thoughtless attitude towards nature.

As an effort to elevate human consciousness to a higher dimension of collective awareness, we pay tribute to our planet personified as Mother Earth, who is bigger manifestation of this feminine energy, though our dance theme Karnamaham”.

Mamatha Karanth is the Director of NatyaLahire and more than thirty students have already performed their Arangetram. Mamatha is among the foremost disciples of the renowned Bhratamatyam mentor B. Banumathi. Besides performing for some of the most prestigious festivals both in India and abroad, Mamatha is also recepient of several awards and accolades and many of her productions are socially relevant with a significant message of better living and existence.

Krishnamaham will also be performed in Vapi (Gujarat) at Meril Academy, Takshahila Hall on Saturday 29th June and at Silvasa on 30th June, Town Hall, Dadra and Nagar Haveli. Watch out for this beautiful exposition of structure, substance and thought.

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