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Natya Tarangini’s International School Celebrates 2nd Anniversary

Natya Tarangini’s International School’s second Anniversary Celebrations was in-a-class-by-itself.

The  Institution  staged a successful two hour concert to celebrate its second anniversary. “I am proud to have presented my disciples from across the world, including the UK, US, Oman, Singapore, Australia and Europe in an in-person concert in California”, said the young Artistic Director Bhavana Reddy of the International chapter of Natya Tarangini Kuchipudi school-based in Los-Angeles. Natya Tarangini International was founded in March 2020 when the world was reeling with the pandemic caused by Covid.

Prior to the stage performance on 3rd July at the Sunny Vale Community Theatre a ten day long dance camp was held attended by students from all around the world.

It was a proud day when students of Kuchipudi dancer cum mentor Bhavana Reddy-daughter of RajaRadha and Kaushalya Reddy- had performers from New Delhi and the United States dance live under her mentorship.

The pandemic’s positive side was that one could take online lessons from the teachers of their choice. The evergreen Kuchipudi teacher Bhavana Reddy’s fame had earned her many online students, some of whom she met at this live festival. The uniqueness of this celebration was that those who could not make it live had the privilege of performing online. They sent video tapes of their pieces learnt online from Bhavana Reddy which were showcased in the live performance.

To give moral support Bhavana Reddy’s father cum Guru , Dr. Raja Reddy, was at his daughter’s side in Los-Angeles. The  dignitaries who were present in person to applaud the event was Chief Guest ,The Consul General of India at San Francisco Dr. T.V. Nagendra Prasad –he inaugurated the festival-N. Damodar Reddy-a supporter of the arts and Shiv Khemka  Chairperson of Natya Tarangini in New Delhi were the other dignitaries present.

Senior disciple of Natya Tarangini Gauri Taneja  from New Delhi performed Krishna Sabdam. Though she has been learning under the senior Reddys for 17 years, learning online under Bhavana Reddy , she said, was a different experience. Bhavana demonstrated the Krishna Sabdam at the live performance, before Gauri Taneja presented the piece. It was a wonderful experience for the mentor and the performer as well as the audience in the US, who became instant rasikas.

The evening was  enriched and blessed by the  august personalities of  G. Kishan Reddy (Hon’ble Minister of Culture, Tourism and Development of Northeastern region, GOI) , Arjun Ram Meghwal (Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs & Culture, Government Of India) and Dr. Vinay Sahasrabuddhe, (President, ICCR, Govt. of India), with their valuable messages. Bhavana Reddy toiled hard to teach her  students both in-person and online, and due to her commitment to dance she continues to work tirelessly to promote the enduring, ancient legacy of Kuchipudi dance under the tradition of guru-shishya-parampara. She trains students to develop a passion fot the Kuchipudi art form and nurture their talents. Since its inception the institution has grown from strength to strength, building upon the teachings of Drs. Raja & Radha Reddy, and Kaushalya Reddy giving Kuchipudi  a global presence.

The students of Bhavana Reddy’s International institute gathered for the first time in-person to honour India’s classical heritage, and celebrate this momentous occasion. Her disciples travelled from their respective cities to camp and celebrate the second year of their Kuchipudi Dance training at Sunnyvale Theater, California, USA. Guru Raja Reddy travelled from India to bless them and their teacher.

As per tradition the performance started with the appeasement of Lord Ganesha –“Om Mahaganapatim Namaha”, where through dance language the students described the physical attributes of the one who is the remover of all obstacles.

The institution showed its potential and in the years to come one can expect for more.

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