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Musical Dance Tribute to Pandit Vishwa Prakash

Kalaasish Academy of performing Arts (New Delhi), headed by renowned Kathak danseuse Asavari Pawar, will present a musical dance tribute in the Kathak dance style, based on seven compositions of the veteran music composer, Pt Vishwa Prakash at Stein auditorium,habitat centre in New Delhi on May 1st. Dancers from Kalaasish academy will perform along with their mentor, Guru Asavari Pawar, in order to enthrall the spectators with their startling performance.

Entitled “Swar Laya Nritya Sarita” the repertoire would include various pure dance sequences, complex rhythmic footwork and expressional dancing as well which will be performed by Asavari and her talented team of dancers. The musical support would be rendered by Utpal Ghoshal for tabla, Uma Shankar for sitar, Anshu Kumar and Dr Sharbari Banerjee and Ruchi Tailong for vocal music, Ghanshyam Sisodia for sarangi, Satish Kumar Pathak for flute and Pandit Vishwa Prakash for vocal music. The anchor for the evening is Seema Verma.

Surprisingly there are five male dancers and three female dancers, Asish kathak, Manish Gangani, Hridev Ray, Chanchal Prasad, Karan Bhaskar, Shruti Kotnala, Parul Sharma and Brijesh Kumari. Asavari says ” The male dancers are really devoted and dance with lot of passion and I provide them consistent encouragement”

Asavari Pawar

Vidushi Asavari Pawar is blessed with a striking personality and sharp features. her performances are a brilliant combination of aesthetic quality, rhythmic excellence and evocative expressions. She is the daughter of Padmashri Guru Pratap Pawar and has been initiated to dance at a tender age, while she was in London. Pandit Pratap Pawar is the recipient of MBE – Member of the most excellent order of the British Empire., she further learnt from Pt V. Shankar and classical music from the veteran Girija Devi., she has also learnt Ballet and African folk with Haitian Ballerina Madam Lavinia Williams. While in the UK, Asavari taught Kathak at Leicestershire School of Music.

After returning back to New Delhi. Asavari established Kalaasish Academy in order to train and encourage young aspirants to learn classical Kathak, she also teaches dance at Delhi Public School in east Kailash, Asavari is a multifaceted personality, dancer, teacher, painter, choreographer and a writer too. Asavari has performed in several countries and her performances are widely acclaimed and appreciated.

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