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Radha Challenges Krishna in “Radha-Kathan”

Amita Mathur School of Dance, Bangalore, presents “Radha-Kathan”, a solo Kathak dance presentation that portrays the complete personality of Radha, which is normally not known in the dance scenario. Radha Kathan will be performed on Friday 6th Sept at Seva Sadan Auditorium in Malleswaram, Bangalore by accomplished Kathak danseuse Amita Mathur.

A practising Kathak exponent for the last eighteen years, Amita Mathur intends to redefine the traditional format of Kathak with a modern touch, relating dance to the contemporary society, Classical dances are based on Hindu mythology, relating stories, while portraying varied episodes from sacred texts like Ramayana, Mahabharata and the Bhagavatam. Through the medium of gestures, gesticulations, ‘abhinaya’, ‘angika and satvika abhinaya’, stories are interpreted in the dance format through different styles of classical dance. According to ‘Natyadharmi’ concept, interpretations relate to the particular theme and format and does to relate to real-life or the life of the contemporary society, Amita Mathur moves forward in trying to relate to the audience with a different perspective.

Amita Mathur says “As you know Radha Kathan is written by me, hence the complete character analysis and personal character development takes place while seeking her own identity. In the classical dance scene, Radha is taken for granted and not really understood by most people as they are ignorant. Radha is always picturised with relation to Krishna who is always pining to meet her Lord. Here there is a twist as I feel Radha waits endlessly for Krishna but a point comes that she feels that she must move on, otherwise she would be miserable, she challenges Krishna and says either I lose or I become Krishna myself, this is the case of every Radha in the modern context, while telling the story, I would like to use dance as a medium of instruction and as to how we can improve our life for a better life and living”.

Amita Mathur has performed for several festivals and has conducted dance workshops as well. Amita would like make to her own dance statement with her individualistic style that is striking and aesthetically pleasing too.

Grab your tickets. A must for all Radhas before you meet your modern Krishna.

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