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Shikhar Samman to Classical Dancers Shuchitra Harmalkar, Vibha Dadheech and Lata Munshi

Culture Minister of Madhya Pradesh state Dr. Vijayalakshmi Sadho honored 27 artists in the field of arts, literature, music, dance and drama during Rajya Shikhar Samman Samaroh. In a grand ceremony organized on the Bahirang stage of Bharat Bhavan in Bhopal, Minister Dr. Sadho said that Madhya Pradesh is inhabited by cultures.

Renowned classical dancers Vibha Dadheech (Kathak), Dr. Suchitra Harmalkar (Kathak) and Dr. Lata Singh Munshi (Bharatanatyam) were awarded Shikhar Samman for the year 2016, 2017 and 2018 respectively.

Dr Vibha Dadheech is a Ganda Bandh Shagird of Padma Shri Shambhu Maharaj. She has also learnt under Darbari dancer of Raigarh Darbar shri Firtu Maharaj.

Both Dr Puru & Dr Vibha authored many books and contributed immensely to the kathak.

Tabla maestro Pt. Vijay Ghate receiving Shikhar Samman from Minister Dr. Vijayalakshmi Sadho

Musician Pandit Siddharama Swami Korwar, well-known table player Pt. Vijay Ghate and Pt. Kiran Deshpande were also bestowed with Shikar Samman for their contribution in the field of classical music.

Dr. Harmalkar from Indore, is a senior and noted Kathak dancer of Raigadh Gharana, and is known for her innovative choreographies. One of senior students and an accomplished kathak dancer from Mumbai, Dr. Tina Tambe congratulating Dr. Suhitra Harmalkar wrote on her facebook  “What makes her the best choice for this award and makes her stand out in hundreds of dancers and teachers is her deep knowledge of her subject, passion for her art form, hard work to keep growing and updating herself with time, enthusiasm to create and execute new things, teach with honesty, perform with great energy, positive approach towards everything in every situation, her magical quality of turning an ordinary looking subject into an extraordinary piece of art, her power to transform ordinary and raw talents like us into graceful and shining dancers, child like innocence yet great amount of maturity, a rare quality of flying high still staying grounded and connected to roots, a unique and unparalleled combination of being very particular about following traditions, maintaining discipline and sticking to the values yet being the most fun loving, friendly, approachable and cool guru, the most secured guru who gives freedom of thought, expression and action to students which makes the students respect her the most and always be with her, no matter how far physically they are or how high they fly. You are a role model for us to look up to. Thanks for hugely enriching the content and experience of the dance scene in Indore and Madhya Pradesh and for setting a benchmark for others to follow and get inspiration from.”  

Dr. Lata Singh Munshi and Pt. Kiran Deshpande

Vibha Dadheech is a noted Kathak dancer, author and guru. She is the wife of author and scholar of classical dance Sangeet Natak Akademi awardee Dr. Puru Dadheech. Dr. Puru Dadheech was also awarded Shikhar Samman in the past. Shikhar Samman for 2018 was bestowed upon Dr. Lata Singh Munshi, a Bharatanatyam dancer and guru from the capital of state Bhopal.  In the field of culture, seekers of all genres have always been respected. The state is recognized in the country and abroad only by celebrities. The state government honors all art-seekers.

The Culture Minister also inaugurated and observed an art exhibition of the respected artists. During this time cultural programs of songs, music and dance were also performed. Dr. Lata Singh Munshi and noted tabla player Pt. Vijay Ghate won the hearts of all with their performance.

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