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Sujatha Ramanathan performs at the Habitat Centre

sujatha ramanathan

Accomplished Bharata Natyam exponent Sujatha Ramanathan will perform at the Habitat Stein auditorium on 2nd February at 7pm. Sujatha will present her latest solo dance presentation known as “Raas Antara” that explores the philosophy of Krishna consciousness based on “Karma” and “Dharma” portraying the connection with Krishna and Arjuna at the battle field in Kurukshetra, the Vishwaroopa Darshanam and the realisation of the exalted and unique appearance of Lord Krishna and ultimately the tussle of Arjuna with Karma and Dharma to restore peace and righteousness in the society. On the one hand “Raas Antara” spotlights the philosophy of Bhagavad Gita and on the other hand projects as to how inner happiness can be acquired through Sadhana.

Raas Antara forms a fine synthesis of philosophy and stylized aesthetic movements that would keep you spell bound with musical rendering by the commendable Sudha Raghuraman, mridangam by vidwan Satish Krishnamurthy, flute by Raghuraman Govindarajan and nattuvangam by Dr Sridhar Vasudevan. Sujatha is the disciple of veteran Guru Adyar Lakshman, Guru Ramya Ramnarayan and has performed for some of the most prestigious festivals both in India and overseas. Do not miss this beautiful presentation of Bharata Natyam.

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