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Swarna Saroja: Curtain Raiser to the Ganesa Natyalaya’s Golden Jubilee Year Celebration

Ganesa Natyalaya, a renowned Bharatanatyam dance institution of Delhi, launches its yearlong Golden Jubilee celebration titled Swarna Saroja on Sunday, 20th August 2023 at 7 pm at Tamil Sangam Delhi. The Annual Day programme will have participation by 125 students presenting the various choreographies they have learned over the years.

Ganesa Natyalaya, founded in 1974 by Guru Dr Saroja Vaidyanathan with a small student body, has grown significantly and now has both Indian and international students enrolled. In appreciation of the work done by Guru Vaidyanathan, the Government allotted a piece of land in the Qutab Institutional Area in 1983. With the support of patrons of art, the Natyalaya’s building came up in 1988, being the first institution for in-depth training in performing and several other aspects of Bharatanatyam, in the capital.

Over the past 49 years, Ganesa Natyalaya has grown steadily and increased, with its troupes performing at more than 1000 events, including prestigious locations both domestically and overseas. The golden jubilee programme was designed to acknowledge, respect, and commemorate the institution’s accomplishments. Envisaged to be thematic in nature with at least a half a dozen power-packed events during the year, each featuring performances of Bharatanatyam along with one of the other classical dance forms. Speaking on the occasion, Guru Dr Saroja Vaidyanathan says, “One small way to show our appreciation since Ganesa Natyalaya could not have grown in isolation. The whole ecosystem of all the dance forms, the society and the patrons helped the institution to flourish in terms of creative ideas and curations, choreographies that helped catharsis in the society, and collaborative presentations that broke any barriers that existed within arts.”

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