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Home » Dance » 21st Guru Poornima Sangeet Mahotsav to commemorate the 50th year of Acharya Pt. Anupam Rai as Guru

21st Guru Poornima Sangeet Mahotsav to commemorate the 50th year of Acharya Pt. Anupam Rai as Guru

This Guru Poornima, come and the connoisseurs of Indian Classical Music and Dance are in for a real treat.

Guru Poornima Sangeet Mahotsav organized by Sangeetanjali, is a tribute to the enlightening force-Guru. This 21st Guru Poornima Sangeet Mahotsav will also commemorate the 50th year of the living legend Acharya Pandit Anupam Rai as Guru, and also Founder-Director of Sangeetanjali. As a doyen in the fields of Vocal, Instrumental Music and Kathak Dance, Acharya Ji has thousands of original compositions to his credit.

Sangeetanjali is a 40-year-old cultural organization working towards awakening our society in cultivating their respect for Music and Dance through organizing classical and light classical music conferences, dance festivals, striking dance – ballets etc.

The event is slated to showcase some of the unique and intricate musical compositions of Acharya Ji, those were never performed before.

The concert will see three youth icons cultural ambassadors Anuratn Rai, Shriya Popat and Anurita Rai, render some of Acharyaji’s work with their own interpretation and treatment.

The main highlights of the concert are:

Hindustani Classical Vocal by Anuratn Rai

Miraculously promising young maestro ‘Anuratn Rai’ now is a well-established name as Classical Vocalist of the new generation. Anurat represents Rampur Sahaswan and Seniya Maihar Gharana and at the same time, he has been able to capture different fragrances of the gharanas with the addition of bandishein of new dimensions and development of Raag with Ras and Bhav while maintaining the discipline of classic points in a varied manner. He will perform Ashtang Gayiki (Khayal Gayiki), Tarana and Dadra set to rare Ragas and unusual Taals (Watch Anuratn Rai’s video)

Light Singing by Anurita Rai

Anurita has a fine voice with a command of classical, light classical, Bhajan, Gazal, Chaiti, Kajri and Geet styles of singing. Entitled Saraswati Shiromani and Saraswati Putri,  Anurita also became a notable in the world of dance as a versatile Kathak exponent because of her historic world record of 10,000 dancing rounds at a stretch.

Anurita will present some landmark devotional and romantic compositions based on rich philosophical and spiritual literature, woven in tricky rhythmic patterns. (Watch Anurita’s video)

Natwari Kathak by Shriya Popat

Traditional and authentic components of Kathak Dance such as Chhand Kavitta, Gat Nikaas and Thaat composed in new Taal Jaatis. (Watch Shriya’s video)

It’s going to be an immersive experience for the viewers who are bound to be mesmerized by these ingenious presentations, being performed for the first time.

The excitement and energy of a concert will definitely be intoxicating leaving the viewers craving for more!

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