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Arangetram of Natyashala students in Pune

Two disciples of Pune based leading Bharatanatyam guru Smt. Charanya Gurusathya, Aashi Shah and Keya Zawar will be presenting Bharatantyam duet on Saturday 17th December 2022. Recently, in August 2022, her disciples Gazal Singh and Vaidehi Tare also had their Arangetram.

The different concepts of Krishna Leela and exploration of the Navarasas will be portrayed in the show with accompaniment by the most prominent musicians from Pune and Mumbai in a live musical orchestra.

Both Gazal and Vaidehi are have been undergoing training at NATYASHALA- School of Bharathanatyam”- a premier institute for Indian Classical Arts in Pune.

The event will be held at Natasamrat Nilu Phule Natyasabhagriha, Sangvi, Pune at 4 pm.

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