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Bengaluru International Classical Dance Festival

Shantala Arts Trust (Bangalore) and Soorya Performing Arts (St Luis. USA) has organised the five days Bengaluru International dance festival at Sevasadan auditorium. Malleswaram, Bangalore commencing from 29th December and concluding on 2nd January.

Shantala Arts Trust was established in 1985 by accomplished Bharatanatyam exponent Prasanna Kasturi and Pulikeshi Kasturi. Over the years the two brothers have completely devoted their lives to the promotion and propagation of classical dance and music with several productions and disciples to their credit.

The first two days will feature dancers from Chennai, Pune, Kolkata and Hyderabad and the rest three days will feature dancers from USA, Switzerland and Hong Kong The dancers featuring in the festival are Shweta Vivek, Malti Tulsiram, Sriradha and Gangadhar from Hyderabad who will perform Kuchipudi.

The international section of dancers will commence with the special group performance by Shantala Dance Ensemble followed with the bio-pic thematic Bharatanatyam performance, by Samanvita, daughter and disciple of Prasanna Kasthuri from St Luis, USA followed with a Bharata Natyam performance by Seeta Vakkalanka from the USA.

The performance on 1st January will feature the veteran mentor Prasanna who will perform and portray the dramatic and intense story of ‘Dashrath Manji’ (Mountain Man) followed with a performance by 72-year-old veteran exponent D Keshava from Switzerland.

The last day will feature Rasika Rajagopalan from Hong Kong who is the disciple of Guru Ranjani Ganesan followed with Bharatanatyam performance by Anupama Mangalvedhe from the USA.

After migrating to the USA Prasanna has established Soorya Performing Arts and has over the years organised and performed on several occasions and placed classical dance on the international platform.

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