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Colors of Violin: A tribute to Padmashri D K Datar

As a tribute to the great violin maestro Padmashri D K Datar, who passed away few days back on 10th October, his disciple Swarpradnya Pt. Milind Raikar has coined a unique concept “Colors of Violin”.

Pt. Milind Raikar

Pt. Milind Raikar has always shown a great promise in music from his early chidlhood and has continued this legacy to impart music to all his students.

Over 30 budding artists of Raikar Academy of Violin will perform in the “Colors of Violin”, organised by Indradhanush Foundation for Social Welfare in Mumbai.

Pt. Kalinath Mishra will be accompanying on Tabla and Yadnesh Raikar will lead the group of violinists.

Renowned violinist and music director Shri Amar Haldipur will be the Guest of Honor on this occasion.

Colors of Violin

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