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DesiYUP’s YouTube channel to familiarize the West with Indian Classical Music

Explore the richness of meaningful Indian world music from across the globe on the DesiYUP YouTube Channel. This Dutch based company specialized in nourishing and endorsing meaningful music from India and Indian diaspora countries.

In the last six years, DesiYUP organized many concerts in The Netherlands. They gave a respected platform to known gems like Padma Vibushan Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia, but also talented music powerhouses such as; Shammi Pithia, Maati Baani, Vasuda Sharma, Arjun, Shweta Subram, Rupak Kulkarni, Prem Joshua, Manish Vyas, Navin Kundra, Ambi and Bindu Subramaniam and many more. The content of their live performances are published on the DesiYUP Youtube channel. “DesiYUP is an important provider to the South Asian music community as it has true love, dedication and passion at its core. This means they act for the sole benefit of the audience and artists and not themselves, resulting in excellence in their work. Their goal to expand the musical landscape of the Netherlands and at the same time help upcoming musicians develop is just another thing that makes them so special,” says Composer Shammi Pithia (UK).

Cross-connect artists on YouTube

DesiYUP is founded by journalist Mahesvari Autar. Her mission is to establish Indian music, which has manifested in various genres and has evolved in today’s world music.

It’s a pleasure to be a part of Mahesvari’s concert. She has been a dear friend and I love the way she is promoting Indian music in all its genres and formsPandit Hariprasad Chaurasia.

Familiarize the West with Indian Classical Music

DesiYUP strives to make Indian classical music more accessible to the West. The aim is to encourage more Indians living worldwide to attend more Indian classical music concerts.

Indian music needs such a DesiYUP in each and every part of the world so that we can reach out to the people to spread and showcase what India is all about -Pandit Rupak Kulkarni.

Maheswari Autar | PC: totaalfotografie

While the native Europeans enjoy and appreciates Indian classical music, organizers of Indian classical concerts find it difficult to persuade NRI’s and PIO’s to attend ticketed concerts. “We are afraid that by lack of support from the Indian community living in the West, it will be very difficult to organize traditional Indian classical concerts outside India. To inform and encourage NRI’s and PIO’s to attend more classical concerts we share live concert video’s on our DesiYUP YouTube channel. We hope the Indian music culture will continue to play an important role in building the identity of India in the West and that classical music will remain part of the Indian Diaspora community”, explains Mahesvari Autar.

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DesiYUP is also a springboard for many talented artists with unique ideas. The goal is to inspire viewers on Youtube with more meaningful content. A part of DesiYUP’s mission is to cross-connect these artists on DesiYUP Youtube channel. They initiated several collaborations, one very successful collaboration was between a Dutch stand-up comedian/singer Rayen Panday and Indian vocalist Vasuda Sharma. Besides Hindi Cinema classic, the singers got the opportunity to sing their own recorded songs. “I feel its actually helping audiences discover and get exposed to independent music and also helping the indie artists reach out to a wider and diverse audience,” says Singer-songwriter Vasuda Sharma (India).

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