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Elevating Performance by Vasanth

vasanth kiran

It was an elevating performance, to witness the divine theatrical dance production “Sri Pandurangam Bhaje” with interpretations in varied languages, while portraying the intense devotion for the Lord, as Prof Vasanth Kiran took the “rasikas” to a different realm, revealing the significance of the divine intervention. Vasant is undoubtedly among the best Kuchipudi exponents in the country. The performance was held at the Experimental Theatre of the National Centre for Performing Arts (NCPA) on 15th December.

Vasanth Kiran is the proud recipient of the Ustad Bismillah Yuva Puraskar and is an established name for his choreography and innovative thought. Having watched him scale the heights in the field, is sheer joy, both as an exponent and mentor as well. His latest dance theatrical production “Sri Pandurangam Bhaje” was premiered at the NCPA, this uniquely knit composition in which he uses songs from all the four states of south India, referring to the temples of Udupi Krishna (Karnataka), Tirupati Venkateswara (Andhra Pradesh), Srirangam Ranganatha (Tamilnadu) and Guruvayurappan (Kerala) connecting the Vaishnava temples and a devotee’s search journey through these temples, ultimately to reach Panduranra Vithala at Pandaharpur.

It is with ease and with a natural command over “abhinaya” that Vasanth could enact the childhood scenes in the Purandaradasa composition “Odi OdI Adapodalle”, to utmost “sringara” in Annamayya Emoko or be it sakhya bhakti of Kuchela which was presented through Ajita Hare, which spoke about the maturity and years of experience on stage. The finale in Kaanada, “Raja Pandiricha” excited the audience as they started clapping and uttering Vithala as the dancer walked towards the feet of Vithala to achieve moksham (salvation) or eternal bliss.

To witness the amazing transformation of the dancer while enacting different characters in the “eka harya” presentation reflects on the dancer’s calibre and versatility. The voice of Venkateswaran Kupuuswamy added enhancement to the complete production due to the soulful and powerful rendering. Vasanth definitely deserves to be seen more often in such prestigious platforms.

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