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Hyderabad celebrates World Dance Day with a marathon of dances

Hyderabad, a city of highly culturally rooted and an artistry hub saw a wonderful event happening in order to celebrate the spirit of the art of dance on this World Dance Day.

For the first time in Hyderabad, more than 25 forms of dance came together under one roof to celebrate this magnanimous marathon of dance. The day started with Deepa lighting which is the traditional way of beginning a classical performance. As a segment named “Yaad Karo Kurbani” presented by Face of Artz, a Digital platform for art. The first 5 performances were a tribute to freedom fighters and leaders who cherished the art of dance. The list topped with Smt. Rukmini Devi Arundale, for which a Tillana of her name was dedicated by Students of Mayuri Dance Academy.

Followed by a tribute to Rabindranath Tagore with Rabindra Nritya was offered  By Kashinath Dey. A special Perini Performance by Sri Mani Prasad Goud was a tribute to Nataraja Ramakrishna, a Kuchipudi presentation was the tribute to Vempati Chinnasatyam performed by students of Sumadhura Arts founded by Sravya Manasa.

The purpose was to remember these legendary dancers who offered their life to harness dance and uplift the art and hence they are always the “Pratha Smaraniyam” ones who need to be remembered every morning.

After the Tribute performances, a Marathon of dance started bringing vivid and rare art forms together. To Begin with, Kalavantual Natyam was performed by Aalekhya Mangalampalli where she presented the rare art of Kalavantulu’s the oldest Devadasi’s of Telugu land.

Followed by Gaudiya Nritya, a Vaishnavait dance form originating from Bengal was presented by Avijit Kundu. Satwikka Penna presented the wonderful Andra Natyam an esthetic dance form originated from temples. A group of students of Preeti Mohapatra presented Battu and Mangalacharan, traditional items of Odissi. A special presentation named “Bande Utkala Janani” was presented by students of Nrtiya Puri, a dance institution owned by Smt Sashmita Mishra. Students of Nrityapuri also presented a Sambalpuri folk which made the audience connect with the aura of the soil from Sambalpur. Convenor of Natya Swara Sri Anna Rao addressed the audience to develop a keen interest in dance and asked everyone to encourage arts.

Anita Peter

A marvellous Mohiniyattam performance Presented By Smt Anita Peter. Addressing the audience, she also asked all the young dancers to seek compassion and learn and perform dance just to dance! She said, “One should be madly in love with dance”.

Nation’s Rock Beat, a fresh group of highly talented and creative youngsters came up with an Array of Western performances. This team was highly talented and extremely aware of their art from. Representing Hip-Hop, Manikantha presented a wonderful performance followed by Tutting an extrusive art of Finger stunts and robotics was presented by Rishab.

Wacking, a dance form which started the moment of the LGBTQIA rights was presented by Ku. Keerti. A unique presentation of Belly dance with the touch of Bhakti was put forward by Sri Manaswini and the team. As a post-performance note Manaswini said “Even western arts such as belly need to be given respect and recognition and not to be seen as an erotic dance form. If we present the dance with a touch of Bhakti, even belly would be able to replicate the sacredness of any traditional form”.

As a snip of an opportunity, Rajiv Belani city’s a well know beatboxer who was present at the event impromptu a blend of Beatboxing, Butoh Bharatanatyam and belly where Patruni Sastry and Manaswini took a battle off. Patruni quickie transformed from Bharatanatyam to Butoh and made the audience go amused. The oriental dance was presented by a famous belly and oriental dance school Payal’s Dance academy which had a single male belly Sravan Telu dance grabbing the eyeballs of the audience and making the audience go swaying with his fluid body.

The next half of the day was a Bharatanatyam Chain presented By Mayuri Dance Academy founded by Vaidehi Subhash. Her students presented a Padam and a Tanjavoor quarter shabdam “Gokulambudhi”. The highlight of the presentation was Kalinga Nartana Tillana by Ku. Aadhya which made the audience go mesmerized. Followed by a presentation of another Bharatanatyam Group by Students of Smt Subbulakshmi. A Kuchipudi presentation was performed by students of Feet on earth, an Institution of creative arts founded by Smt Pujita Krishna.

The last half of the event saw Garbha, Lavani, Telangana Folk and Kavadi Chindu performances by Students of MDA and cuteness overloaded Bhangra performance by kids of age 3 years to 9 years of age, this group is famously called “The Bangra Buds” which made to the audience go “Aww..”. The marathon ended with a concluding note by Smt Mridula Anand, a Bharatanatyam exponent from Hyderabad, who urged all the parents at the event to keep up the spirit of dance in their children in all walks of their life. She said “Treat dance as a subject of the syllabus to AIEEE and IIT JEE and not as just Extra.”

Patruni as a concluding note said that “Spaces like Nritya Forum For Performing Arts are needed to be funded, acknowledge and developed by Government to ensure the nourishment of art.” This wonderful marathon was ended with National Anthem where all the heads held high with pride and solidarity to the country. This event was an anecdote where dancers from all walks of life such as corporate employees, house wife’s, LGBTQIA Representatives, Lawyers, doctors, kids and youngsters came together an celebrated the art of Dance.

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