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P.T. Narendran’s Bharatnatyam workshop in Burdhaman

A Bharatnatyam workshop was organized in Burdhaman from 23rd to 26th January.  This was the first time that a Bharatnatyam exponent from Chennai, Shri P. T.  Narendran came to the city of Burdhaman to teach the little ones.

Atanu, Ramkrishna, and Esha with PT Narendran

Around 80 students of various age group learnt from Narendran sir. The best part was students from distant places like Assam, Durgapur, Jharkhand came to participate in the event. According to one of the senior participants and Rabindra Bharati alumnus, Sumita, “It sometimes becomes difficult for the students,  especially the school goers to travel to Kolkata to attend a workshop.  So this kind of events is necessary.”

Tanima Bardhan, a Senior Scholarship holder says, “It is just not learning another dance,  but also been able to understand the culture that Bharatnatyam represents.  Hearing the stories from Shri Narendran sir, about his childhood in Kalashetra, about Rukmini Devi, about day to day life in South Indian villages gives us an insight and also makes the learning fun.”

This workshop was organised through tireless efforts by Atanu Das, Ramkrishna Chattopadhyay and Esha Banerjee. These three passionate dancers have a keen interest to upskill the young generation not only by teaching them dance but also educating them about the rich Indian heritage and philosophy.

A group photograph during the workshop

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