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Sakshi’s pleasing Odissi performance

Mumbai based Odissi dancer, Sakshi Kale, made her debut as a professional Odissi dancer on July 2 at the Mysore Association Auditorium, Matunga. The Manch Pravesh was organised by Nrityavan Academy, headed by accomplished Odissi exponent and mentor, Guru Mitali Raul. The performance was noteworthy for its lively
quality and considerable command over technique and expressional dancing.

Sakshi has been passionately associated with Odissi for more than a decade. The programme entitled “Anugraha”, was dedicated to Anupama Prakash Kale, late mother of Sakshi and the repertoire of the performance included traditional Odissi numbers, Odia compositions and some innovative numbers as well. It’s a dream come true for the young and hardworking Sakshi as it was not easy for her to pursue her passion, but ultimately her dream was fulfilled due to her will power,determination and divine grace.

Sakshi has had the opportunity to perform at various cultural events and festivals. Some of the biggest are the
Kala Ghoda Arts Festival and Marico Evenings in Mumbai. She has also taken her talent to several fundraisers and charity events to raise money for different causes. By performing traditional Odissi items choreographed by the doyen of Odissi, Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra, she takes the audience through the journey of Odisha through the beauty
and grace of the temple dance form.

Sakshi commenced the performance with invocation and the Mangalcharan with salutations to Lord Jagannath, the presiding deity of Odissi dance, followed with Batu in praise of Lord Batuka Bhairava,drawn from the temple sculptures with postures playing musical instruments like veena,flute mardal and cymbals, followed with Shankarabharanam Pallavi that incorporated rhythmic and stylized movements,inclusive of “chauka” and “Tribhangis”(three deflections), set to melodious music and rhythm that was precisely performed by Sakshi. “Aahe Nila Saila” Odia composition in praise of Lord Jagannath incorporating the Muslim poet and devotee Salagega, who suffers from leprosy and seeks for mercy. This number also depicted the scene of Gajendra Moksham and the game of dice and Druapadi asking for mercy and protection from Lord Krishna. Sakshi was pleasing in the dramatic expressions.After “Heech Amuchi Prarthana”, Sakshi concluded her performance with Mosham, were in the devotee as the dancer surrendered completely to the lotus feet of the Almighty. Although a little nervous, Sakshi has the qualities to become a fine exponent with better concern towards the finer aspects of dancing.

The dignitaries on the occasion included educationist Savithri Nair, Bharata Natyam dancer Raul D’souza, singer Kavita Paudwal,, Odissi mentor and exponent Jhelum Paranjape, Padmashri Darshana Jhaveri, Kuchipudi exponent and critic, Guru Vijay Shanker praised the sincere effort of Sakshi in learning and promoting Odissi Sakshi received fine orchestral support from Jateen Sahu for commendable singing, Ramprasad for mardala, Rohan Dahale for mardala,Sitar by Aparna Deodhar,melodious flute byVijay Tambe and manjira by Guru Mitali Raul.

On the whole a sincere and sparkling performer.

The chief guest on the occasion was Educationist Savithri Iyer and the wonderful comperes of the programme were the Odissi dancers,Diya and Risa D’souza.

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