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Unique Dance Theatrical Experience Awaits Mumbayites

Piyal Bhattacharya

A unique theatrical dance drama “Samvatsar”, directed by veteran mentor Piyal Bhattacharya exploring the “marga natya” technique of “geetam”,”vadyam” and “nriityam”, based on the Natya Sastra, portraying the evolution of mankind and the relationship with nature and seasons will be presented and enacted by twenty dancers from Kolkata at the Studio theatre of Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre on October 7.

“Samvatsar” represents the cycle of 12 months on this earth. In the Indian system, it is envisioned to have emerged out of the conjugation of “Agni”(cosmic casual energy), “Som”(cosmic casual matter), just as the universe exudes out of the same coupling. Hence in Vedic terminology, this manifested universe is reckoned as “somaatmakam jagat”. “Samvatsar” is the key reason behind the existence of life,it is such a state that brings the expansion and sustenance of “praan”- the supra physical energy possessed by any matter. Owing to its combination of Agni and Som, Samvatsar is regarded as a“Yajna”, a creative process that emanates duality. Such exuding gets manifested at three levels, “Agni aatmak”(Grishma or summer), “Som aatmak”(Varsha or monsoon) and “Agmi Samantak”(Sharad or autumn), late autumn is a transitional phase towards Shishir that gets manifested in “Somantak”. Vasant brings a merry harmonious blend of ‘Agni Somantak stage” that forms the crux and pinnacle of the presentation.

Director Piyal Bhattacharya says “Much like the formation of Adam and Eve in the Western classical culture, India has its own counterpart as Brigu and Angiraa, the primordial cosmic father and mother, Bhrigu and Angiraa are opening the play to form the very first emanation, Brigu leaves the seed with Angira and the entire universe is born out of her womb. Thereafter gradually emerge the varied seasons and its relation to life, living and well-being”. In other words Samvatasar is a fine combination of music, dance, drama, histrionics, the clever and unusual usage of rare musical instruments that creates a unique ambience as the dancers sing, dance and deliver dialogues that keep you spellbound and entertained.

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