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Uttar Dakshin Festival in Nehru Centre

Vivid Arts Entertainment and State Bank of India(SBI) proudly presents a unique musical concert, featuring Hindustani and Carnatic music by two top musicians on Saturday 20th February at the Nehru Centre Auditorium, Mumbai.

As the name suggests Uttar Dakshin, signifies the merging of two musicians, hailing from the north and southern India but the common bonding is music, hence both the musicians’ Ustad Shahid Parvez and Vidwan R. Kumaresh will enthral the audience with Sitar and Violin recital respectively. The age-old tradition of Kacheri and Mehfil join hands to create the magic of classical music, through the medium of two different stringed musical instruments.

How beautiful it would be to be involved in a conversation with two age-old instruments, The SITAR,  which flourished under the Mughals somewhere in the 15th Century by  Legendary Ustad Shahid Parvez who holds the tremendous renounce in the present era and The VIOLIN, an instrument of Italian origin somewhere around the same time by  Violin Virtuoso Vidwan R Kumaresh two brilliant Indians from two different geographies, one from Uttar Pradesh, the other from Chennai, one on the Sitar, the other on the Violin, one playing the Hindustani, the other Carnatic, Two Different, Instruments, two different geographies, two different religions, two different schools of learning under once common medium. It is an attempt to bring two cultures, two religions, two schools of thoughts on one common stage in a Jugalbandi Format.

Narhari who heads the Vivid Arts Entertainment says “After a long lapse, we have come with this programme and expect that the response would be tremendous, as music is universal and not restricted to a particular country, religion or community, hence music is divine and believes in the religion of humanity” Narhari is an accomplished Tabla maestro and is quite passionate about music and has been regularly organising such programmes.

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