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KATHAK 2.0 – Transition into the future

The world that Kathak was steeped in has disappeared. There are no gopis carrying
earthen pots. The Yamuna is dry, birdcalls have been replaced by the noise of machines.

As we move into the next level of technological advance, how can traditional dance and music adapt to the new order?

Seeking the spirit of Kathak and bridging the way to its transition into the future, is the core of this work.

Ashavari Majumdar | PC: Sudhakara Jain/ The Hindu

Ashavari Majumdar has trained in Kathak under Pt Vijay Shankar in Kolkata where she was a National Scholarship holder through the duration of her training. She has undergone advanced training under Pt Birju Maharaj in Delhi. Her work has been supported by the IFA, SNA, ICCR among others.

Ashavari will present Kathak 2.0 at Stein Auditorium, India Habitat Center, New Delhi on Monday 14th October, 2019, at 7 pm.

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