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The Pink Lotus Academia Launches Music Wellness Sessions

The Pink Lotus Academia, an online and offline tutorial platform focused on Indian classical art forms and yoga, has announced Music Wellness Sessions designed to help people tide over the current grim situation.

The nation is gripped with testing times that have shaken human endurance and wellbeing at multiple levels. The Pink Lotus Academia brings the balm of music, dance, meditation, breath work, and much more, aimed at improving and maintaining the physical, psychological and social wellbeing of people. The sessions will be through free Zoom sessions requiring compulsory pre-registration.

The sessions are conceived by Pink Lotus Academia founder Kaavita Das, a yoga trainer, an aerialist, a danseuse and a creative movement therapy facilitator, who specialises in using the arts holistically for all-round healing and maintaining of a balanced life along with Soumitra Thakur, an approved B High Grade Artist of All India Radio.

Down the ages, there have been innumerable instances where music and arts have given hope and healing to people in difficult times. Even during the World Wars, travelling music groups played for hospitals to cheer people including doctors, attendees, patients, hospital staff, etc.

The sessions will involve listening to music, dancing, playing along, meditation, breathwork, guided visualisation through music, etc. The active intervention will involve making music together by singing, chanting, playing musical instruments, composing, improvising on music. The receptive intervention will include listening to music, responding to music through dance, words, poetry, analysis of feelings.

It’s a group workshop session where all attendees are requested to carry a pen, pencil, a diary or notebook, some colour pencils or crayons, if possible.

The one-hour, free Zoom sessions will be on May 29th and 30th, from 5 pm to 6 pm.

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