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Devesh Mirchandani’s Kathak debut

Popular Bollywood dancer, teacher and choreographer Devesh Mirchandani makes his Kathak debut on January 11th at Aspee Auditorium in Mumbai in the programme ‘Parampara’. While Devesh performs his first major solo Kathak performance, the highlight of the programme will be the performance by London based veteran Kathak exponent Padma Shri Pratap Pawar, who was recently bestowed with the prestigious award from the British Government – MBE award. Incidentally, Devesh is the disciple of Pandit Pratap Pawar.

Devesh Mirchandani is already a Utube sensation and has several commercial productions to his credit. He has performed for some of the most prestigious events around the globe and also has a fan following in China, South Korea. Middle-east. Georgia and other countries., as he has become quite popular with his dance workshops that mainly revolve around popular Bollywood numbers that is immensely popular overseas. Devesh has learnt Kathak from different teachers but has become the ardent disciple of Pandit Pratap Pawar.

Devesh says, “I have been passionate about dancing from a tender age itself and would start imitating dancers whenever I see any performance in cinema or television. The madness grew and I started learning all types of dancing but realised later that Indian classical dances are quite different from western dances as in Indian classical dances, any style you take whether Bharata Natyam, Kuchipudi or Kathak, it is the expression of the soul, the movements and the technique of the dance is used to reach out to the supreme, this concept is startling and amazing and that’s when I realised that I must learn classical dance as that is the base of all types of dances, according to Bharata’s Natyasastra. Guruji is such a great teacher and wonderful person, I really feel privileged and blessed to be his disciple and am really looking forward to this debut Kathak performance of mine”.

Dr. Tina Tambe, Manasi Deshpande and Nayantara Parpia | PC: Artists’ FB Wall

Pandit Pratap Pawar will arrive in Mumbai in early January and will conduct Kathak workshops for young aspirants prior to the 11th programme.  Popular Kathak dancers Dr. Tina Tambe, Manasi Deshpande and Nayantara Parpia will perform as guest performers and the programme will be a rare and interesting mix of classical, folk and Bollywood dances. Do book your tickets in advance to avoid disappointment.

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